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Valentine's Day: a holiday loving hearts

February 13 2007

Valentine's Day celebrated almost all over the world on February 14, but few people remember from growing roots of this holiday. Since ancient times, pagans in northern Europe in mid-February to honor God plants Wali - protector of fertility and rebirth, one of the sons of Odin. All those who in these days share the happiness of love, Wali gifts to intuition and acumen.

In Russia, Feb. 14 is traditionally a family celebration with the exchange of gifts and wishes of love.

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In the Christian calendar this day went to 494 AD, when Pope Gelesy tried to ban the pagan feast of Lupercalia (fertility festival, led by the god fawn). Then he was appointed the new heavenly patron - St. Valentine. Legend of Valentino, suffered for love, the Romans came to taste. Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade his soldiers to marry. But the young priest Valentine secretly opposed the decree and continued to hold the wedding ceremony. 14 February 269 years Claudius executed Valentine, ordering stoning him and beheaded for disobedience.

Since 1969, the reform of worship, St. Valentine was removed from the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church (along with other Roman saints, information about the life of them contradictory and unreliable). But to earn the name of the saint, as is the case with Santa Claus, started much earlier. Since the beginning of the twentieth century and the emergence of a consumer society, this holiday has become the "golden calf" for sellers of cards and candy.

The French, on Valentine's Day is accepted to give jewelry, the Danes lovers send each other dried white flowers. In Britain, unmarried girls get up on Feb. 14 before sunrise, are near the window and look at passing men. According to popular belief, the first man, whom they see and is a restriction.

By 30 th years of last century, even in "closed" Japan appeared tradition to give this day sweet. And to this day remains the most popular chocolate gift for Valentine's Day.

But there is a country in the world, particularly distinguished themselves in the celebration of Valentine's Day. For example, in Saudi Arabia, this holiday is officially prohibited, and under penalty of heavy fines and censure.

The symbols of the Valentine's day regarded as hearts, cupid, red roses, rings, gloves and lace. In the evenings on Valentine's Day in the U.S., these and other characters are often hidden in large cakes. Each guest receives a piece of cake, and if he was lucky, along with him a small chocolate logo. The ring signifies a wedding, a coin of a rich partner, and glove mutual feelings.

Modern Valentine's Day - a holiday for lovers, where every man can open the soul to another, not being afraid to look sentimental and naive.

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Alex Vitvitskiy


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