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Fools are lucky not only in lives but also in sex ...

December 12 2005

In celebration of fools. No, not April 1. Finally, scientists have proved their superiority over wiseacres. Let no one in the field of scientific activity, and in bed, but still - the success is obvious.

Researchers from Syracuse University in New York associated with mental sexual abilities. They proved: the male is more foolish, the more it is about sex.

Scientists have estimated the size of the testicles and other "masculine" virtues, comparing the "it" with the size of the brain. And it turned out that the sex of the giants, the weight of "economy" which reached almost 9 percent of body weight (in normal individuals - less than 1 per cent), the brains were tiny.

And vice versa. Scientists believe that they are dealing with a certain law of evolution, through which nature gives to a big brain, a large sexual organs.

However, the conclusions of Americans do not fully applicable to humans. Scientists have determined the sexual performance of males on the number of sperm produced. And in the intimate lives of men is not the most important indicator. And the woman probably thinks sexually giant more skilful man. In other words, more intelligent?

Perhaps this news will please the German couples who do not know where to go from boredom in their bedrooms.

Ppsihoterapevt of Heidelberg Dr. Arnold Rettser offers the following solution - easy to agree about sex, how about going to the movies. Foretaste of the joy is relaxing, increases the impatience of both parties to try harder.

Therapist advises the following:

- Do not sleep with each other spontaneously arrange this for three days.

- Pre-arrange a time, technology, about who will be on top, someone from the bottom.

- You do not have fun at the same time. It is about carrying out their marital debt. It's like paying taxes.

- Flip a coin: if the fall eagle, you have to sleep with each other, if tails, then do not.

Dr. Rettser, chairman of the International Society of systemic therapy for further relaxation also recommends:

- Do not use sex as a proof of love (since you do not want, then you do not love me);
- No explanatory lectures about sex late at night - you can only hurt one another, all will become even worse;
- No passive waiting, that someday something will happen spontaneously, as in this case nothing happens and the sexual life will be finally put an end.

British men, unlike their German brethren in misfortune, solve the problem of boring sex radical method. The surveys funded by the Medical Research Council with support from the Ministry of Health of Great Britain, 5000 men answered questions about their sex lives.

On the question of whether they pay for sex in the last 5 years, in 1990, answered "Yes" 2% of men. But in 2000 the number of men admitted that they had sex with prostitutes over the past five years has increased by more than 2 times - up to 4,3%.

The researchers suggest that a similar trend was observed in response to the question of whether the men used the services of prostitutes at least once in their lives. In 1990 it admitted every 20 th respondent, and in 2000, has every 10-th.

oglasno study, most prostitutes are buying the British men aged 25-35 years, unmarried or divorced and living in London.

According to Ward, the results reinforce the concern over the fact that men who use the services of prostitutes, often become carriers of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

In turn, George McCoy, author of 13 guidebooks on "massage parlors" and the agency where the work of a Call Girl, said that in Britain there are over 3,900 such establishments, where prices range from 30 to 1250 pounds, and outside London average cost of sexual services is 50 pounds.

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