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Lessons of seduction: one movement - and the girl in bed (curious ladies, please do not read)

August 12 2005

The presence of muscular torso, expensive cars and bank accounts, as we know, are not sufficient to make the girl was from you mad. And with that statement would dare to argue only, sorry fuckers. Ladies, as you know, love to receive gifts, and in the process of seduction without that important details can not do. (But, ladies? "I know that you're still reading).

It knows even the flies that portrayed females a present as a large dead insect. True, having achieved our goals, take a sneaky males Present back to peredarit his next mistress. And people did things differently?

It is strange, but human males do not always think, than to please a friend. The problem became so severe that she engaged in mathematics at University College London. Using complex calculations, they have created a special mathematical model, which indicates: the most important in the present is not value, and his extravagance.

Scientists have identified several ways of courtship - which includes the gifts - and then to the computer calculates which of them will lead to the desired goal, ie to request the ladies to have sex. They considered three types of gifts: a trinket, expensive and luxurious gift (such as boats, cars, apartments) and the object of unusual, strange, eccentric (the value of his irrelevant).

It is clear that the computer had forgotten about the gadgets at once - a cheap thumb drive in the bed no one lure. Gifts in the form of diamonds or cars, which are particularly adore society ladies, may push for rapprochement, but it's not the best way to attract a girl. Girls today are greedy, materialistic and greedy, so what can happen in a fairy tale about a goldfish: first you have to give her a trough, and then make it a sovereign of the sea. So, dear Mr. Temptation, think about whether the night with a girl of such huge funds.

Again, an apartment and a wheelbarrow sports are nothing new, but the extraordinary gifts as a serenade by the moon or an interesting little animals, one of the most effective ways to impress a girl, well beyond the case for small. According to mathematicians, after such an adventure women believe they have found a strong and reliable man.

According to recent research psychologists, an expensive gift will not testify to the seriousness of the men, and says more about his confidence that everything is bought, but decent and serious ladies are strongly discouraged.

Linda Carter, head of family studies at New York University, says: "Large energy costs, a decent price and for its attention to really show what a man is interested in continuing the relationship, but the best unusual gifts are not grand gestures, and shared experiences during the some exciting adventures. "

Girls who dream of romance, and ethereal love can conquer, if you offer a horse-drawn carriage ride or a trip on the boat. Can result in an unusual souvenir from an exotic country, or buy her a mink, but alive. Go together to a concert of jazz music, or bake a cake for her own. It all depends on your imagination, if you are a creative person, there are no problems - if not, will have to warm up and smash his head, but it's worth it.

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