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A surefire way to forget your love

October 11 2006

Outside, autumn, more and more time we spend at home and increasingly in splendid isolation. As the official statistics, the vast number of love breaks occur in the summer during the holiday novels' and 'separation'. But if the summer and early autumn, you can quite easily find your new mate, then with the onset of the rainy season it becomes rather difficult. In addition, the autumnal melancholy and spleen destroy the optimism to find a loved one.

Having begun the process of soul-searching, you can fall into a long depression, and until spring to disassemble their mistakes in relationships. All that was already passed, but that is not corrected, it is better to forget.

Twice in the same river can not enter (although exceptions, of course, there are) so soon after the break take away the rights all their belongings except the gifts. And of course return to the former partner of all his belongings. You need to burn all the bridges for retreat, the sooner the better.

Typically, psychological rehabilitation for further relations can take two weeks to a month, if done right, and really forget about the last connection. Over the period of searching, you must change yourself and transform the world around him, to make themselves more attractive. A good tool in the middle of autumn, and is reinforced, monotonous work, absorbing all the negative and positive emotions.

Then spend more time with him and his development as a person, relax, walk, read books and watch funny movies. All this will help to forget about his favorite people in the past.

Suffering - something individual and not-to-face real man, and woman to moan and cry at the central square of the city only because of his / her cast. No need to bypass all the friends and acquaintances with his sad story. The first thing you try to forget about the relationship, so once again remember the story of your love silly. Remember that you similar stories irritate others who have their own problems and a whole heap, and here you ... So try to keep at least the external signs equanimity. Stay "courageous"

And now the most important thing - do not call a former teammate. Neither the morning, day or night. Not to say that something good, or to once again listen to still love his voice. Just do not call, there's nothing worse than a draw in mind older images, to remember the smile of a loved one and all, which again will drive you into depression. Love is a kind of disease, and treats her only the time spent away from the object of your feelings and thoughts about it.

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After a kind of purification, so as not to go mad from loneliness real (on the street still autumn), immediately spit on it all and go on a trip or with friends and girlfriends in a good night club, with a striptease bar, sauna, French wine and a bunch of individuals of the opposite sex. Here you can quickly find a suitable girl / guy, and for you to start a new life ...

Vitvitskiy Alex


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