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Teacher-prostitute shocked colleagues, Serbian men do "it" with electricity and other sex news

November 10 2005

Australia. In the city of Queensland, a scandal broke out. One of the teachers of the local school, part-time proved to be a prostitute. The mystery revealed her own colleague, when he came to have fun in the existing legally a brothel.

His discovery, he shared with other educators. As a result, education authorities have decided that "extracurricular activities" teacher-prostitute is incompatible with the basic work.

The woman was transferred to another public school, but only after she agreed to give up their underworking in a brothel. Meanwhile, parents of students claim that she had returned to their activities in the field of paid love.

Meanwhile, the heads of Serbian men, engaged in violent thinking. Many of them are looking for ways as quickly as possible to get an electric discharge in the most tender parts of their genitalia. They are not masochists, but simply yearn to verify in practice a new way of male contraception.

Dr. Sawa Bozovic said that a small electric shock to testicles makes men temporarily infertile due to the fact that sperm lose their mobility: "With the help of electrodes we lulls sperm for up to 10 days, which allows couples to have sex without the risk of becoming pregnant."

As the doctor says, this method does not affect the health of the patient

It seems that manufacturers of condoms, feeling the competition, decided to get down to work closer and explore the market of potential consumers of its products.

Commissioned by Durex, more than 317,000 people from 41 countries were interviewed during the preparation of the next annual survey on sexual habits of mankind.

Champions of sex were the Greeks - they do it 138 times a year. Following the most loving people of Greece were the Croats, who have sex 134 times a year, and the Serbs, for whom the figure is 128 times. Thus, all three "bonus" seats in the survey were the inhabitants of the Balkans. The Chinese are having sex an average of 96 times a year, the Vietnamese - 87 times, Indians - 75 times. And the last place was taken by the Japanese - 45 times. 44% of the world's people are satisfied with the quality of their sex lives

In Sevastopol, apparently satisfied with their sex lives more than enough. How else to explain that the city began to operate club group sex. The club organizes the "nice meeting like-minded people for a delicious sexual intercourse."

According to the rules of the club, he accepted not only by adults older than 40 years of heterosexual orientation. Preference is given to residents of Sevastopol. Joining the club does not involve the building of mutual obligations.

Club group sex accepting applications for membership online. The applicant must indicate their sex, height, weight, age, and also provide a photo, weekly on Saturdays at the club consisting discuss plans for the weekend.

First meeting in Sevastopol amateur group sex conducted in early September.

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