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How to have a lover

March 10 2006

Decided to take a lover? Your right, so we will not keep boring and useless talk about morality, but simply give some advice on what exactly you need a lover, and how to find it, so you do not have to bite his elbow.

To begin to answer just one simple question: why, actually, you need a lover.

Option 1

Your family life, in general, can be estimated as udavshuyusya. Relationship with her husband in a measured, he loves your kids, regularly carries out all of their family responsibilities. Yes, here's the rub: the lover he, alas, no. Of course, this is not a reason to break up a family . But the search of missing your passions on the side of it is quite possible. That is, you need a lover for sex. To meet with him You can periodically receive from him, then what you need and to disperse. Love is in these respects does not necessarily, or even more desirable. Find a lover's easier than ever - they are everywhere: at work, in the park, the bar or in your entryway.

Option 2

This version - a complete contrast to the first. That is your husband in bed, always on top. He knows how to please you and do it professionally. The problems begin after sex, when you're lying in bed one day, suddenly discover that you speak with this giant of great sex, just about anything. Because the theater, he prefers soccer matches on TV, books do not read, yeah and for the life of talk can not. And then he appears. Lover of the soul. Actually, his lover and something can be called a stretch. Rather, it fits the definition of a friend of a friend or just a supporter. With him you get what you are deprived from her husband - a chance to talk about everything and anything. Sex from him, by and large, is not needed, although, of course, is not excluded.

Option 3

Virtual lover. This option will suit everyone who needs new experiences. This is, in general, the same lover for the soul. Only much safer for your marriage. Firstly, vertualny communication , even in the most straightforward theme, treason can not be called well. Secondly, such a connection allows, on the one hand, liberated, and on the other - to hide all that in the ordinary intercourse you are trying hard to hide. Better to seek a penpal is still not on a dating site, and some chatting with the same interests. Just keep in mind, most likely, you will want to contemplate his charming companion in real life, and ninety percent of you disappointed.

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