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Medicine against loneliness, or how to find love

January 10 2007

Thus, the window next morning and you meet him alone, instead of breakfast in bed together with her beloved. Have you ever wondered why? Perhaps if the drop deeper, along with the answer to the question would come and long-awaited happiness.

Below are the five most common reasons why people can not find love. If your case is not among them, you have to spend more time in honest self-examination and still find that the same stop you.

You're so busy that you do not have time to even think about the relationship

Spending time searching for a partner seems to you impossible task? Try to approach the problem differently. Make a list of qualities which must have your potential lover. In addition, make a list of what you and your party can offer the person who will be next. Then think about where you can meet the greatest number of suitable candidates. For example, it could be a gym or a club where people with common interests. Also you can take advantage of services online dating sites on the Internet and use those features, a list of which you have already made.

You're afraid of trauma

Many people are living, thinking about what might happen. But in fact, not a fact that it is so be it. Do not dwell on the negative aspects of life. Tune for the best, trust yourself and think that whatever the outcome of the situation in your life is support - your friends and family.

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Nobody does not fit your requirements

We have already talked about the list of requirements, which you can make the search for her prince on a white horse. But it may happen that your list contains so many specific characteristics that the search is becoming extremely difficult. For example, its yearly income has to be so many thousands of dollars a year and at the same time, it must live in a particular town N. Do not be so strict, open yourself to a new experience.

"I do not have time to search for your favorite - I'm can not miss your favorite series!"

How often do you leave the house to try their luck and meet new people? If you'll just sit on the couch and watch TV, then so and remain alone. Try to start life from scratch, change. Make a new hairstyle, Go shopping and buy a new pair of old things. Spend more time outside the home and developed. When you begin to change, too, begin to look around at you in new ways.

Do you still love her ex-boyfriend

How can we build a future with someone, if you still look to the past? All can be viewed from three sides: how the past, both at present and a future. Whenever you they focus on just one method of perception, and the rest fall away automatically. Do not limit yourself. Do whatever pleases, to overcome the burden of past hurts. Life is full of surprises and unexpected twists. Let go of your past, and you will see how many opportunities for you saved a life that now.

Vasilyeva Camilla


Васильева Камилла

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