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How to "calculate" good lover?

September 9 2005

Not to be confused with character!
The "people" there are rumors that a good lover is sure to be a big nose. Many of the ladies fall for this bait, and what is their disappointment, when the bed is found that an alleged sex giant is actually an ordinary soldier troechnik in "sexual" issue.

Another misconception is this: women are often confused social and sexual temperament. For example, the ardent young man, humorist, who easily becomes the center of attention and can entertain the horde of friends all night, is attributed to the same ardor and endurance in bed. But in vain! Of course, the joker and the joker can be a powerful lover, but this is not a consequence of his cheerful nature.

Everybody wants harmony in his bed, and sexual constitution or sexual temperament - one of the most important factors of compatibility. Simply put, a man and woman who have the same "appetite", quickly find a common language and tune in to a wave of love. And the marriage between them would be very strong, because a pair of a priori be happier than where the sexual needs of different partners.

What determines the sex temperament? On many factors: it is the level of sex hormones and brain structure, and the psychosexual development of personality, and how much sooner a person realizes their need for physical love. Science has known three types of sexual constitution of men and women: strong, medium and weak.

Sexologists, in order to find out by temperament, first and foremost be measured his feet. Incidentally, the same can make you do.

Simple zadachka
So, armed with a tape measure and have at it! On the thigh grope a little bump protruding bone where the femur attaches to the pelvic joint. Then measure your foot off of the reaction to the foot. Then find out what their own growth and share "growth" with "long legs". The resulting figure says about your sexual constitution and scientifically is called "trohanternym index." Women with a strong sexual temperament, this index is from 2.01 to 2.05, with the average - from 1.97 to 2.00, and the weak - from 1.88 to 1.96.

And now the same is able to measure their partner. All figures are slightly different. A man with a strong temperament, this index is from 1,99 to 2,00, with the average - from 1.92 to 1.98 and the weak - from 1.85 to 1.91.

As is evident from these simple calculations, the most sexy and temperamental people, men, women, relatively short-legged.

True, this method of counting is a significant flaw: little-known partner is unlikely to want to get you on your first date was measured by its proportions. Just in this case there are many other ways.

This macho
Men with strong sexuality more often than brunettes. Their body is covered with a thick "fur", but from the groin to the abdomen stretches "track" of hair on your chest, arms and legs too abundant vegetation. Shaving a gentleman at least twice a day: morning and night. Stubble on his face black and tight.

The high level of testosterone (male sex hormone) can lead to early baldness. So what if the young man is bald, chances are that before you sexy giant. The people of the joke: If the bald patch in front, so a smart guy,
If on top, then walk.And if there, and there, then walks with the mind.

"Macho" almost never have problems in bed. If the mistress of such a "strongman" has a strong temperament, then they will make a completely harmonious pair. If such a "male" young lady will fall with a weak temperament, and he and she can only sympathize. After all "macho" can enjoy up to 7 - 9 times a day, and for "weak" women the rate is once per month, or at best once a week.

Incidentally, in central Russia holders of a strong type of sexuality are very, very rare. They "live" in the hot climatic conditions: in Greece, Spain, Italy or in southern Russia.

A man in his prime
The middle type of sexual constitution can be as dark, and brown. Their body is covered with hair, to a lesser extent than the "macho", but "wool" is necessarily present in the groin and abdomen as already mentioned, "track". Also, hairy chest, arms and legs. This man is usually average or slightly above average growth. He has a long torso and shortish legs, shoulders are wide, well-developed musculature. This gentleman is capable of sexual excesses of up to five times a day. By the way, if a male Caucasian blood flow, it adds to it of sexual strength.

Y "middle peasant" sexual desire is awakened in the 12 -14 years, and first sexual experience he gets somewhere in the 13 - 15 years, whereas the "macho" and even earlier - at 11 - 12. Failures in lovemaking representative "serednyachestva" has very rarely. With such a man would be happy possessor of the average type of temperament. However, this guy will be able to find the approach to other types of female sexuality.

A young man wan ...
Representatives of weak sexual constitution filled television screens. They can be seen immediately: shateny or blond with a thick head of hair, tall with long legs and a smooth chest, with little relief of muscle. Stubble on his face is soft, rare. During a "closer look" at pubic hair sparse, vellus, and that same "track" is missing. Notice how often he shaved. If rarely, and then a towel, then the outstanding feats in the bed from him do not wait.

Mature "pale male" too late: the sex drive wakes up in 15-17 years or even later. On the sexual exploits can not, how would partner nor tried. Failures occur during intercourse, frequent and sexual dysfunction.

The handsome blond good for platonic love. And the only representative of a weak temperament will find harmony with it, as in the famous joke: "Doctor, I have a full understanding wife in bed. She does not want, but I did not really need! "

Motherland, "the languid blondes" - is Scandinavia, Finland, Russia and all the cold country.

Years fly ...
Typically, after 30 years of sexual activity the men down. Whoever has the lowest initial attraction, now engaged in a love once a week or a month (or even less). People with an average type of temperament - every day or several times a week. And "strong man" can hardly lose their abilities. Sexology known case where a 76-year-old grandfather "liked" his wife, that was his junior by twenty years, seven times a day. Then this lady broke down and went to the doctor to ask for pills irrepressible energy. So, ladies, best is the enemy of the good.

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