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Unforgettable moments: the memory of sex is kept in museums ...

November 8 2005

Man the animal is not only social, but also hypersexual. On the sex he wants, is engaged in sex and even tries to perpetuate, regardless of their age and physical data. Importantly - a passion for business.

Seventy Naomi Viltsi opened in Miami Beach World museum of erotic art. Among more than 4 thousand exhibits you can see the ancient Greek pornographic pictures, japanese erotic literature used to teach virgins intimate receptions, symbolizing fertility figures from Africa and Indonesia, phallic sculptures from the film "A Clockwork Orange", photographs of unusual sexual acts and playing games.

His passion for erotic art must Naomi's son. Moving to a separate apartment, a young man asked his mother to buy some fresh piece of furniture. Naomi was so absorbed quest that simply could not stop buying naughty little things one after another.

Daniel Gluck, founded the Museum of Sex in Manhattan, under the influence of familiarity with Professor Camille Paglia, scandalous antifeministkoy, author of the bestseller "Sexual Characters."

Permanent museum collection currently includes nine thousand exhibits. These are mainly books, videos, postcards, photographs, gathered from throughout the Americas, and a little from abroad. There are three-dimensional objects. For example, this fantastic looking "trahatelnye" chairs, pair of which is exhibited in the first room.

Museum of Sex in New York in summer is a collection of devices antiseksualnyh
One of these technical devices, patented in 1889, put on the penis and attached to the pubic hair with the help of special clamps. If the owner of this miracle of technology thoughts at night happened erection clips pulled at her hair. A man woke up - and managed to avoid ejaculation.

Four years later came another device - a cup of cold water, which is attached to the penis through a complex system of clips. If a man is excited, the water pouring onto the penis, immediately brought him back to normal.

Special mention deserves and patented in 1862 ring to prevent erection using sharp metal needles.

The Museum Erotica in Los Angeles, traces the history of sex, ranging from the abstract paintings by Picasso or ancient Chinese erotic figurines from ornamental stone - and ending the era of computers. For $ 13 (that is how much is a ticket), visitors can touch rubber toys or read the application for patenting the most bizarre inventions. Persons under 18 years in the museum are not allowed.

One of the founders of the museum, an immigrant from Russia, Mark Vol'per said that the idea of opening a museum came to him just after visiting sex museums in Europe. According to him, indecent exhibits are a reminder of civil liberties, he has regained.

Similar museums are working not only in Spain, Holland, Denmark and China.

In London, preparing to open multimillionny sex park. According to representatives of the London Academy of Sex and Relationships, it is no ordinary museum of sex, and educational multimedia attraction, where visitors will learn how to become good lovers, as well as inform about the various STDs and common sexual problems.

Why should not so long ago, leading the program "Sex with MAIL SAVE" on channel TNT to go abroad.

A longtime fan, invited her to London. TV presenter took over with a friend and part-editor of "Sex with MAIL SAVE Denis Morozov.

"Londoners are very similar to Muscovites - such as private, reserved, taciturn, slightly snobbish - says Anfisa. - However, once they drink like climbing out of their hidden nature. Someone becomes a sociable, while others - aggressive. "

Anfisa, Edward and Denis had to feed the swans and squirrels in Hyde Park, watched the royal guards, and also went into London's sex shops, which look as luxurious boutiques. Then the whole company went on vacation in Amsterdam. There Anfisa was in the most exotic establishments which subjects related to sex.
"I visited the Museum of Sex. And also a walk upon the red-light district. I thought it was one street. But it turned out that a quarter! "- Shared his impressions Anfisa.

Of course, Russia is trying to keep up with Europe and now, a year ago in St. Petersburg opened museum of sex and eroticism.

Founder of the newly created museum - head physician Prostate Center of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Igor Knyazkin. Collecting objects of erotic content, he became interested in the early 90's. and since then have collected over 15 thousand exhibits. "I want Russia to be a civilized country that looks to the future, including the right looks and sensuality" - said the doctor.

Supereksponatom Petersburg museum became Rasputin's penis. Its length is nearly 30.5 inches. Knyazkin rarity overwhelmingly proud, and says that compared to the "dignity" of the Siberian adulterer Napoleon's penis - just a pod. " "

Some of the exhibits Igor Knyazkin acquired at his own expense, the other - he just gave. Among the donors there is a celebrity: Dmitry Likhachev, Michael Piotrowski, Boris Berezovsky and Philip.

The museum shows and the latest invention of the sex industry - the American love swing, in which partners can receive up to 365 item (number of days per year). In addition, you can see all sorts of herbal tinctures and creams, which "eliminate sexual constraint, libidinous, inflames passions, contribute to a rush of blood, strengthen erections and, of course, prolong the sexual act."

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