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Soul occur on the lips of lovers

July 6 2007

Today, all you lovers celebrate World Day of kisses. How did the kiss is not known. Authorship has not yet been established. In general, it does not really matter where it came from the word for this action. Much more interesting to know, why do the action itself, but on this point, scientists anthropologists, historians and philosophers have not yet agreed. Theories, there is great variety. People are getting into a romantic situation, feel an unconscious need kiss. The program operates every day. We see actors kissing on television, in films and commercials, we see how they kiss our friends, see people kissing on the street. As a result, in certain situations, a kiss is perceived as a mandatory component of them. Therefore, in a romantic situation shall enter into force on a subconscious stereotype, and people feel almost irresistible urge to kiss him, regardless of whether they want it in reality or not.

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In the Encyclopedia Britannica contains the following wording: "The Kiss - touching or caressing motion with his lips on her lips, cheek, hand or foot of another person, used to express sympathy, greetings, a sign of reverence, or sexual attraction."

Vladimir Dahl describes the kiss as follows: "kissing, kissing, once applied," the mouth, a sign of love, friendship, greeting, respect, and so on. "Connoisseur" of living of the Russian language "also reports that in olden times, and instead of" Goodbye! "Our ancestors jokingly said: "Before the first kiss."

Scientists have found that the summer is not only rising temperatures, but also increases the need for love and tenderness. It is therefore likely to be summer people kiss up to 30% more than in other seasons. More interesting facts about kissing ...

1. Long kiss much better than chewing gum, it normalizes the acidity in the mouth. Kissing, after each meal, you can greatly reduce the risk of caries.

2. World Health Committee at the UN since 1981, has been researching the nature of the kiss.

3. Custom bonding kiss vow of marital fidelity comes from Russia.

4. The first kiss in the movie captured in 1886. A 30-second film by Thomas Edison was called "The Kiss."

5. In some parts of our planet kisses considered a crime. For example, in the U.S. state of Indiana is still alive the law under which "a man with a mustache is forbidden to kiss a human being." In the state of Connecticut on Sundays is forbidden to kiss his wife. And in the town of Cedar Rapid, Iowa, sheriff can pick up a portion of any who kiss a stranger.

6. Every tenth young man starts to kiss "is really" not yet reached the age of 10. By the age of fourteen years for 50% of the people of both sexes know what is the "kissing passionately."

7. Most Kisses - 127 - in the film "Don Juan" in 1927. All of these kisses have received from John Barrymore two actresses: Mary Astor and Estelle Taylor.

8.Factors that kill women desire to kiss: in the first place - bad breath, in second place - the smell of sweat, on the third - a short chin at the man.

9. In a sign of welcome Romans kissed each other's eyes. This is the exact opposite of Russian will take on which to kiss the eyes - to the separation.

10. A quarter of girls aged 15-24 years admitted that for the sake of a single kiss their idol, they gladly agreed to a year to iron his shirts.

11. The scientific name of a kiss - filematologiya.

12. Woman on average 7.9 men kissing before entering into marriage.

13. The average person spends his whole life to kiss 2 weeks.

14. Of all animals, chimpanzees kiss more like a human. Just kiss on the lips dogs, horses and Canadian porcupines.

15. In ancient Egypt knew nothing about kissing. Perhaps the queen Cleopatra, known for his victories over the men never kissed for real. If Caesar did not teach her ...

16. In ancient Babylon, public kisses were punished most severely. Woman who was seen kissing in public, threatened with cutting off the ears, and a man could lose his upper lip.

Tatiana Trushkova


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