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You are "in flight". How to make sure that the care of her senseless. Continued

July 6 2005

The last time we talked to a very unhappy subject: on what grounds can understand that that's specifically for this girl you take care of useless. Alas, the list of these symptoms has not been reached, following a number of other, equally compelling.

You let go when her joke for joke, and her face froze the integral sign. But others over your jokes laugh ... Here again two possibilities: either it is absolutely not able to assess your sense of humor, either deliberately holding back the laughter, because - guess with three times? - Correctly, you do not like her. And in fact, and in another case, do not suffer and look around in search of a more worthy object for courtship. Laughter - a form of unobtrusive coquetry, and she with you, as you see, do not flirt on principle.

You've already worn out invite her to a bar, a cinema, a walk in the park - the list goes on. Every time it appears the same: she does not know exactly what is going to do it that night. On that day. In the morning. Again, two choices: either deliberate sabotage your initiative, or you are interested in her so weak that she does not think a simple thing - turning you into their plans. And the possible abolition of some other events scheduled for those days and nights, when you suggest it spend time with you.

Or even better: she agrees to spend the evening with you, but at the last moment is something that does not allow her to do it. And so several times already. The reason is simple: when nothing else to do, and you can sit in a cafe. But only if you really have nothing to do, and if something is found, then I'm sorry, my friend. Next time.

The last time we discussed the situation when she talks to you constantly spreads on the merits of other mutual friends of your sex. And then, of those conversations you have finally concluded that: you do not its hero. It prefers very different. Well, love can not be forced. Do not try and you. Or you have no dignity?

That is, like all the main features of your "flight". It is difficult to say how "mathematically" are necessary in order to ascertain the futility of your attempts to win her impregnable heart. In other cases, even one of these signs is enough to stop flirting with her. And suddenly she was intrigued by you so that you refuse to see what lies on the surface, and hear crystal-clear words? Then you will not be easy.

History knows many cases when in the most hopeless situation, we, boys, what he wants. Drop strokes fell great oaks. Patience and a little effort. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The question of priorities. If the object of your attentions to you is subject to overvalued, then I'm afraid you're wasting your time reading our tips.

And if not? Then leave her alone. And, as has been said many times, pick another girl. Good luck with it!



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