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Erotic evolution: from sex dolls to Hitler's robot-lover - January 6, 2006

January 6 2006

Who Christmas toys, and to whom, and sexy. The sex industry regularly provides all sorts of little things to love joys, another time, hitting the imagination of amazing inventions.

However, more amaze the shocking details of a certain sexual handheld device. Here, for example, such a mundane thing like a rubber doll. Who would have thought that the first who ordered a sex toys, was Hitler.

It turns out in 1941, Adolf Hitler asked Dr. Olena Danish Hanussena a prototype doll of galvanized metal, plastic, which was later planned to make in Dresden. This sex toy was meant for German soldiers, so they can satisfy their sexual needs.

The Fuhrer gave specific instructions about how must have looked like "Rubber Girl": she was supposed to be the natural size, growing 1.76 m and depict a beautiful woman with very white skin, blond hair and soft blue eyes, big lips and breasts , bending his arms and head and an open umbilicus.

Erotic doll, which was supposed to be included among the necessary things that soldiers carried in the march would help avoid sexually transmitted diseases among soldiers and helped to preserve the purity of Aryan race.
Responsible for the project was Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS. However, the factory, which would have made these dolls, was destroyed by Allied bombs that brought an end to Hitler's plan.

This matter of days past, and what happens in the sex industry today?

Not so long ago, which is typical also in Germany, Aeromechanics Michael Harriman made the first trouble-free, automated artificial passionate woman.

According to the inventor, the new product will supersede the current market with an intimate plastic dolls - primitive, but nonetheless popular among single men.

The main advantages of the new female in the following. Firstly, it is warm - provided with heating elements. Secondly, the doll begins quickened breathing - to the extent of the sexual act in time - and moving the pelvis. In this case, Andy and accelerated heartbeat, which can be felt, dropping to her breasts. Robotic face pops his eyes, and in the final it appears languid smile.

Intimate parts of the structure also have been modernized in the sense of giving them a maximum of naturalism.

Cost Andy - 7,000 euros. And meanwhile, the inventor has already threatened to the next stage of evolution: plans to give the robot lovers artificial intelligence to think and say.

Materials: InoPressa and KP

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