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Right ways to the second rendezvous

October 5 2009

12792.jpeg You met a guy and came on a first date. Everything was just fine, he was a great conversationalist, a sensitive and attentive. And it promised to call. At this point, rather, a painful smear timeout call with an invitation to the second date, most women make very common mistakes.

Cause of their simple: because each of the fair sex, met a charming and sociable man who thinks that this is not a prince destined to her fate. The trouble is that many women start to fuss and to suffer, making a hasty and rash actions. But there are five simple ways to ensure continued relations.

First, try to be a good conversationalist. This, incidentally, does not mean that you need to flee to the courses of rhetoric and credited benefits of speech. There is a simple, empirically developed a rule: speak in half less, than listen. If you dine in a restaurant, please use no less simple and less than a fair rate - a little story about yourself in every dish. In other words, do not overwhelm the satellite information about themselves, find a happy medium for communication.

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Jeremy, 34-year-old lawyer from Brooklyn: "I recently met a girl, she was just amazing. But talking non-stop all evening, and only about themselves. I do not remember that she once asked me about something other than what I think about the winner of "American Idol" this season. I could close my eyes to the many shortcomings of this beauty, but it was clear to me that she is not interested. It is clear that such relations will not work. "

12793.jpeg Second, avoid talking about money. Decencies categorically prohibit the ladies to disclose information about their income on their first date. Ask me about how much earns your counterpart or what the size of its egg capsules, not only impolite, but also improper. All money matters should be postponed to a later date where - for example, to the time when you open a joint account at a bank or even get married.

Joshua, 43-year-old investment analyst from New York: "I understand that if women are on a first date ask me, Do I pay alimony and child benefits. I can understand their interest in my personal life, because it means the presence of interest to me. But I'm just starting to feel the aggression, as they try to assess me with the material point of view. I think it is a form of women's expansion. "

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Third, you can hide their skeletons deep in the closet and lock it tighter. Most of the dates appointed for Friday evening, and that is not the time when your partner wants to hear the harrowing stories of your past. In any case not to talk about how vile you threw the previous boyfriend, even if he has changed you with your best friend and infected with genital herpes.

Perhaps there are people willing to listen to your testimony, but a potential partner who is just starting to get acquainted with you, for this role is not suitable. First date - not the time for surgery to extract from your soul isstradavsheysya most painful memories.Try to remember the funny stories and concentrate on them.

12794.jpeg Michael, a 28-year-old student from London: "I like the girls to learn gradually, rather slow than fast. And it definitely should not I get all the information about his new friend at the first meeting."

Fourth, keep a positive eye contact. It is considered that the eyes - a mirror of the soul, but some people think it improper to catch the eye contact. Meanwhile, eye contact, not only creates a sense of intimacy, but also allows the interlocutors to understand that they are interested in each other.

Sam, a 32-year-old editor of Miami: "I can be a little shy before a date because I know that not every meeting ends well. And the girl's eyes looking at me, concerned, made me very encouraging. If it starts to look for parties, then I wonder - if she listens to me? "Most likely, she just got bored."

And finally, the fifth rule: no sex on the first date. Heated debate about the ability of the premature physical proximity to destroy fledgling relationship at the root, is still going on. However, sociological studies show that casual sex discredit the woman in the eyes of men.

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Andrew, 36-year-old Internet engineer from Hoboken: "I sometimes invited to the second date girls that have lain on the ground, but these relationships rarely lead to something else besides sex. Not because I think they are loose or more worse. Just some of their secrets to me already disclosed. "

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