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You are "in flight". How to make sure that the care of her senseless

July 5 2005

You like a girl, you have long been trying to take care of it. But here's the rub: it do not you call back. She flirts with other boys. And completely indifferent to your jokes. Should I continue to look in the hope that patience and a little effort, and sooner or later it will be yours? There are several signs that your efforts are not destined to succeed.

Finally, you found her alone. And quite frankly announced his desire to become a darling and honey. In response, you hear that, at this stage of life she was not prepared to any serious relationship. With anyone. Should I believe her?

No, I believe it is not necessary. Even if it is really no boyfriend. He eventually she will, you'll see. But you are going to do with it. Leave the girl alone and take the other.

You called her, and she'll not. Why would it? Option two: it is your way unobtrusively "unsubscribe". Or quite frankly forgets. And in fact, and in another case should not continue to bother her calls. You have no chance.

Talking to you, she is not looking in his eyes. The point here is not her natural shyness, just her eyes wandering around the surrounding landscape, an important detail which you, alas, are not. She can do this consciously, making it clear: "You're out in the cold." Or do unconsciously, because "you can not see at close range and in a figurative sense, and live.

The same applies to her desire is from you to the "safe" distance. You're trying to innocently take her hand, and at this point, she removed his hand. You try to come closer, but she leaves out. As in the case of the blind, these things can be done consciously and unconsciously. But to you they both are sharp and clear sign: Abandon hope.

Talking to you, she constantly praises of other guys out of your mutual friends. You are against them, but, of course, you have not. Many of them are you and most impressed. You kept these conversations, you did not mind them. Firstly, to avoid being branded in her eyes, a schemer. Secondly, I repeat, the people whom she does not get tired to admire you, and most are not hateful. That's just why she was with you just talking about them? You tried to initiate other topics, but what would you do with it did not talk - talk sooner or later turn off on a discussion of incontestable advantages Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov - the list is open.

Believe me, it does not to ignite in you a feeling of jealousy, flattering for any girl. Just you give to understand: your courtship rejected. Are you still care for and look after, care for and look after ... When just tired?
In the "classical" case, should be all signs of your "flight", as referred to above. But even one of them is an occasion to reflect. However, the list of signs-signs of the futility of your efforts have not yet been exhausted. On the other - the next time.


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