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Dire consequences of regular sex

December 4 2005

Scientists have found that in addition to fun and possible conception of the child, sex can have a significant impact on our lives. Oddly, regular sexual activity stimulates mental activity trains the heart, and even prolong life. But under certain conditions, sex can lead to terrible consequences.

Men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, and women - cervical cancer. There are other possible consequences of sexually transmitted diseases, to short-circuit and imprisonment.

Recently reported that he had a regular sex life has a positive effect on mental abilities. The researchers from Hamburg found that during coitus stimulates the cells of gray matter of the brain. And subject to regular sex, their high activity is maintained for a long time. And the level of intelligence, is directly dependent life expectancy and quality.

Scottish psychologists who examined more than three thousand Europeans who came to the conclusion that an active sex life slows down aging. According to observers the impression that those who had sex three times a week or more, looked 10 years younger than their peers. Scientists attribute this to the decrease in the amount of fat and heavy in the output of brain endorphins - substances with analgesic action and reduce anxiety.

The researchers concluded that the appearance of a person is determined by three-quarters of its way of life (in this case the emphasis was on sexuality), and only a quarter - of its genes. However, we can offer and the reverse hypothesis: sexually active are more likely to lead sexually attractive people.

The fact that sex is a major factor in the health of the cardiovascular system, a few years ago, said the surgeon, Christian Bernard (Christiaan Barnard), the world's first made the transplant organ. This and many other principles, the observance of which will help maintain health, in his book "50 Ways to maintain a healthy heart."

According to a famous physician, regular sex - the most beautiful, healthy and enjoyable way, which helps maintain healthy blood vessels and heart. He advises men to actively use Viagra, although claims that he is never required.

Regular sex life is good, if you have a permanent partner. If, however, to understand the concept of "active sex" as promiscuous and frequent change of sexual partners, will outweigh the negatives. Of course, knows this all. Syphilis, gonorrhea and other venereal delights of life long ago no one scare. And who can scare them if primary syphilis can be cured in just two injections?

Indeed, many sexually transmitted diseases, once considered dangerous or so just in case, when the disease is detected early. Being neglected, serious problems can cause even a "popular" disease, like chlamydia. If time does not cure the infection, possible complications of the joints and even the eye. Do not forget about syphilis, which is now becoming more and more common. A viral infection - from the dangers of AIDS to herpes harmless - it is still impossible to cure completely.

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