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Secrets of great sex. Arrange a "star" night

October 4 2005

Agreed that the relationship often a time when the action becomes a partner for you is completely predictable: you know in advance where and how to kiss you "second half". And this often leads to the fact that you just get tired of this man, seeing him become more and more painful. But this is about you, and imagine that the same feelings for you and feel your loved one .... If you notice the first signs that this process begins to take urgent measures, until it turned into a chronic "disease" ....

For a start, it is advised psychologists to try to create a romantic setting at home "as a movie." After all, why are so attractive erotic films - everything there is incredibly beautiful - not like in life.

According to studies, about 40% of couples making love only under the blanket. Well, where did you see that in movies the actors were doing it, covered with something ... not seen yet .... And not just viewers, but they themselves do not see each other's bodies. Meanwhile, according to the same survey, for almost 95% of men and 40% of women the opportunity to see the partner is an incredibly stimulating factor (is not only men like eyes ...).

Yes, you say you are well advised to .... And if the street -30, and the batteries in the house badly drown? Stock up on all sorts of pre-heated objects. After all, if you offer to do your loved one sex in such a "refrigerator", he quickly comes to the conclusion that the coffin he had seen these experiments. And if still it is quite resistant, just covered with "goose bumps" and lose all interest in such a fascinating process as an alternative - it will simply run away from you.

No pants, but in Hat ...

In real life, most of the partners, lie in bed naked, and women removed from the myself absolutely everything, including jewelry. Why? Please note - the on-screen characters are never fully exposed. In muscular superheroes are always on the neck is a chain, and his lady in his ears earrings.

Generally, doctors recommend not immediately presenting himself naked sort of fry to dive into bed, and then pretending to be a log and say - "Love me, I'm ready!", And preceded by a prelude to sex. This action science to start in the clothing. When shooting a subject behind the subject, even the most "pereevshy love" people can not remain indifferent. But, most importantly, leave jewelry. According to many, accidental touch of passion to the cold metal produces a powerful excitatory effect.

Where to go?

I'll be back again to the statistics: 96% of couples have sex only in bed .... Fie, how boring ....

Yes, look the same cinematic seksomany love each other in the most unlikely places - on the table, on the windowsill, and even on a rug in the hallway ....

But be careful! In pursuit of kinoekzotikoy can get a serious injury .... Let there they tumble as they want, but we still have to choose the less stable surface. Yes, in our modern apartment is very hard to think of something, but still could be found an honorable way. For example ... Sterile machine. Its dimensional vibration, coupled with vigorous actions lovers can bring incredible pleasure.

Bird-talker ...

Only a small portion of the lovers during intercourse, tell each other compliments, expressing his pleasure at the time, as the actors continually admire each other.

Do not be silent!Iterate over all known to you kindly adjectives, as well as diminutive names of animals and flowers. Comment on your feelings - no matter what you're talking to each other, most importantly - with the help of words is maintained an additional contact with her lover. Do not be shy of what your phrase obrashennye to each other will seem ridiculous.

By the way. The results of new studies have shown that the level of human sexuality depend on the attractiveness of his voice.

In the study, took part in 149 men and women, their voices were recorded on tape, listened to both sexes and evaluated on a scale from "very nasty" to "superseksi. For more convincing, with participants in the experiment also were anthropometric measurements shoulders, chest and thighs, as well as refine various details of their sexual experience.

When a rating to vote with the "physiology" party, it became clear that "superseksi" Enjoy the large number of partners and earlier onset of sexual activity than unlucky representatives voted "very nasty".

However, not all women with attractive voices are different emancipation, however, the more sexual partners a woman has, the more tempting her voice.

Ladies with the most sexy voice, according to representatives of the opposition of sex, had a smaller volume of the chest and wider hips, while the attractiveness of men, recognized, regardless of gender assessor had broader shoulders and narrower hips.

"Voice is shaped and altered by the action of certain hormones such as testosterone, and the same hormones affect the level of sexuality and body shapes, developing during puberty," - the researchers noted.

Moon is Shining, shining bright ...

In 12% of couples action happens in the twilight, and 21% make love while the night-light, occasionally - by candlelight, 7% - prefer bright light and daytime sex.
How it looks in the movies. Naked bodies are highlighted in blue or reddish light. This is done in order to create the illusion of a perfect body. Try it - you even can not find a partner in this light. This is somewhat loosen, will help lift zakompleksovannost.

In general, this is not all examples of how to diversify your sex life - their great variety, the most important thing to decide. And if you're ready to - dare!

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Maria Pavlikova

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