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What women choose men

October 3 2011

What women chosen by men. 19934.jpeg Western men are approaching the issue of marriage with a totally practical point of view. Men, especially the prominent business and politics, most of all value their reputation and good name, so getting married on the calculation by selecting from all candidates in a couple for one that has more skills and qualities to be a worthy companion. And the feeling here in the background, writes American magazine Men's Cult.

Some members of the sterner sex, planning their future, firmly decide for themselves what must be able to do that, to be known as "wife." Cooking, cleaning, ironing, washing, or, conversely, to know how to tie a tie and maintain small talk. Roughly speaking, they are not looking for a wife, a worthy companion for life. But love, admire, sing serenades under windows, such men would be quite different for women , those to whom they have feelings, but those with whom their lives will not be as successful and plan.

Most often, they fear losing their own "I" seem like a henpecked friends and the like. And then, not the fact that their goddess they want to see cooking soup and wash clothes.

Some also go further. They create for themselves, not only the image of the ideal wife, but the ideal woman as a whole. But it was a chance to meet even less than one in a million. In addition, it may already be occupied. In search of his ideal woman a man can travel around the world, but let it not be found and then he married to that though is good, but he had never been to fall in love for real.

The best known form of a practical marriage - a marriage of convenience. This kind of policy, because the calculation is not (or only) money, but also for a successful career, a cloudless future.

In fact, the U.S. businessmen and politicians are getting married on the calculation - need a wife with an impeccable reputation, who knows the subtleties of etiquette, one with which not ashamed to be published and which, when pressed, the paparazzi would never say a bad word against her husband.

In Russia, people still believe in love, and marriage of the lot considered dishonest and greedy people. But these days many couples (and not necessarily young) prefer not to tie the knot, guided by the adage "good cause will not be called marriage." They just live together, raise their children with the confidence that you can print the passport and following responsibilities many marriages break down, rather than strengthen it. And in case of separation does not need to bother with the papers at the lawyer, but you can break up amicably.

Marriage, that he was happy to be a solution of balanced, well thought more than once - the rush, as we know, is good only for catching fleas. But, unfortunately, many people are in a hurry to bring your "most important day in my life." And all because there are a number of things that people are told from childhood.

Here's how these things are constructed and why it should not explain everything. Marriage is just such things. From blue screens conducted endless conversations about the family - is an important unit of society, that the spouses have responsibilities and so forth, but rarely talk about the fact that he married "because we need" two people can condemn each other to suffer.

And then the kids do not want to communicate with the division of property, the call of conscience - and live to old age.In this case, from the sly to meet with someone they are ashamed, but at the same time, we must acknowledge that once hastened to march to the registrar.

There are many reasons why a man can be married to one, and love with another. For example, pregnant women, which was about to break, the desire to try everything in life, or fear of the banal lonely old age. Before you decide to marry, think, and whether it should be you, what you want from this relationship, this man and all of life. Because some errors can you stand a lot.

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In preparing the materials used in the magazine Men's Cult.

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