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What do women lie when dating men?

June 2 2011

Women tend to look more attractive in the eyes of the potential chosen. Sometimes ladies do not see anything wrong with that slightly distort and embellish their real life story. Acquainted by correspondence or through dating sites, use your best photos, incorrectly specify height, weight, date of birth ... Scientists discover, for what reasons women are more likely to lie.


Many women who are acquainted by correspondence or through dating sites, use your best photos. Also fill out the height and weight do not correspond to real parameters. Sometimes all in the course are wrong shots, for example, some models ... They hope that at the meeting as a cost ...

In fact, most men would rather take the deficiencies in the exterior of a woman than her lies. The questionnaire is leggy babe 90-60-90, and the appointment is a snub-nosed little man with thick legs and without a hint of a waist ... Believe, and the owners of such appearance there fans! It is better not to disappoint the man, let him be ready to see you so, as it is!


The ladies, especially those over 30, tend to understate their age when dating men. They think that, just name it the exact age, the man once they cease to be interested. And so - to begin the relationship, and when he finds out how old you really will be too late.

Firstly, men are not fools and can guess that you are no longer 25. Secondly, they can look at your passport, or find out your biographical information by other means. And the very fact that you hide your age, they might not like. In contrast, men value in women the courage and the absence of complexes. So, I'm in dating men always call my real age. Not so long ago I had to answer a question about the age of two men who were much younger than me. After my answer in both cases followed a long pause ... But none of them after that has not lost interest in me, and one of the interlocutors even wanted to meet me ...


More advantageous to look into the eyes of men, a woman may exaggerate their social or professional status. For example, will be called the managers of large firms, the work is actually only a waitress in a cafe.

If you expect no more than one or two meetings, this room can manage. But with the prospect of serious relationships though certainly vyplyvet out. Chosen One will ask you about the work and can catch a variety of inconsistencies. In addition, the supervisory man can draw conclusions from your manners, dress, speak ... If he realizes that you are impersonating someone else, it would be no point in your favor.


Women often conceal that they have children, because they are afraid that, having learned about it, the man refuses relations.

In fact, for women who are already over 30 and who have no children, men will probably wary. If a woman has a child, she had already taken place as a mother, and in the eyes of men, aimed at families, it will look more attractive than the childless. And if a man does not like children and not ready to accept your child, you think about it - and whether you need such a family? Or maybe he just is not ready for a serious relationship?

In any case, sooner or later, he learns about the presence of your child.

azumeetsya, there are things that you should not talk to men. But this does not mean you have to lie about them - you can just keep silent. What are these things?

Your previous sexual experience.

A man can brag about himself because he had a lot of women, but if he learns that his darling had dozens of lovers, he may find you a special light behavior - because that's how the stronger sex! Therefore, when you've previously been too selective in the men better not call even the approximate number of its partners. If the current choice already very strongly to these interests, list of those who were the most serious relationship.

Your material and housing conditions.

When we first met these topics better left untouched. The fact that many men fear the hunters for their wallets and apartments. If your beau know that you are earning a pittance and live in a communal apartment with dad, mom and sister, he might think that you just want to use it to get a chance at a better life. Not only what men prefer to engage in such charity.

But if you make good money and live in his own apartment in a luxury home, this better not mention. Alas, these days you can easily run into a gigolo or a marriage scam. By the way, if a man persistently quizzed about where and with whom you live, where he works, how many are getting - it is an occasion guard ...

It is not necessary to lie to men, but it is not necessary to spread them all the ins and outs. Good luck and harmony!

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