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Researchers have orgasms came to a disappointing conclusion - sex a better deal at a distance ...

December 1 2005

Modern science is always moving forward and finding the answers sometimes to unexpected questions. Here we say, such a mundane thing as an orgasm every day is haunted by the scientists and they finally figured out that over a lifetime the average woman feels only about 1.4 hours of orgasm. As for men, they are for life selfishly have about 9.3 hours of orgasm.

The fact that men are initially predisposed to getting more pleasure from sex than women. Scientists have found that the average male orgasm lasts approximately 12.6 seconds. Many women have orgasms do not happen, and if they do occur, it lasts only 1.7 seconds. Consequently, according to researchers, women's orgasms are absolutely useless.

Men need orgasm to ejaculate, but women get pregnant, orgasm is not required. Probably as a consolation to women, researchers found that sex is good for your health regardless of the presence or absence of orgasm. Sex reduces the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Doctors say the most likely to get an orgasm from those who engaged in sex under the jazz music.

However, the 31-year-old Brazilian from the city Yundaya unlikely to have access to the network, and managed to get acquainted with the sensational discoveries of researchers orgasm. It is trite sued her husband for its lack of orgasmic sensation during joint sex.

The complaint was that her 38-year-old partner alone gets an orgasm and then simply stops reciprocating motion. The police chief Roberto Ferraz, is investigating the case, said: "We will treat this complaint, as usual, but the judge let him decide what to do." Apparently, the courageous servant of the law will have a lot of work to get to the truth in this difficult case. Especially because the couple he is unlikely to help.

Sufferers, they are so lazy that even thought about how to solve the problem yourself. Instead of running to the police frustrated Brazilian was enough to try to diversify their bed life.

Some researchers have orgasms as an option similar offer couples pair copulation with a friendly couple to her family. True, according to statistics, about 25% of swinging doomed to develop a love scenario "foreign husband + strange woman = seksuemsya secret from the family's eye". But the remaining 75% of luck is incomparably greater.

As numerous sexological surveys have lost - on the grounds of sexual licentiousness - the scent men prefer to see in your bedroom is not so much indicated; beauty, as capable of endless orgazmosticheskie convulsions of passion. How could stir his brevnopodobnuyu wife and turn her into a sex bomb?

One in eight out of ten women who have had experience of swinging, be recognized that whenever you have experienced an orgasm in such intimate gatherings. 80% of swinging ladies pointed out that as a result of this sexual experience diametrical manner changed attitude towards their husbands (and not others, and your own): they become more affectionate, sensual ... and even have made timid attempts to help his wife with the housework. Having come to such an entertaining conclusion, the researchers orgasms probably pretty feet rub in their secret laboratories, and run after work to help their wives with the housework.

ezhdu so modest Singaporean inventor James Those made suit, allowing hugging distance. At the moment a suit must be tested for geese.

A bird wearing zhiletik and send a video camera. Further, three-dimensional image goose through the Internet gets anywhere and is displayed on the touch screen. If you touch the goose on the screen, then the signals go back - to a real goose. A zhiletik using special sensors will play them. Gus feels like to be touched.

In the future, the inventor of those planning a similar suit for men. They too will be able to touch each other at a distance. And maybe even have sex, although this would require additional adjustment.

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