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Oval Hall of the White House has again become oral. At this time the efforts of George W. Bush

April 1 2005

In those hours, when you read these lines, a scandal erupted in America, comparable in scale only to that of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In what is happening is hard to believe, but alas, it is we do not dream. In the American media have just begun to emerge messages, while their small, a few hours we will know much more. And then start the event, which is difficult to imagine.

So, a group of radical congressional Democrats officially announced that it has and is willing to transfer the press and experts spicy video. Hold on to the chair: the video, U.S. President George W. Bush captured privately with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Grab a chair for even stronger: a couple engaged in oral sex. Only, unlike the legendary Monica Lewinsky, in this case is an excellent half of the "alliance" is "the recipient" services. Guess with three times - where there is a "deal"? That's right, in the Oval Room of the White House, which is memorable reign of Bill Clinton was officially renamed the nation from the Oval in the oral. Survey was conducted from a distance - namely, a personal pleasure helicopter, which many in Washington.

Forgive me for repeating, but what is happening is really hard to believe. Clinton, with his image of the eternal boy, Clinton, belongs to a generation of "baby boomers", which initiated and the youth revolution of the late 60's, and sexual - it's still all right (although in his fall from grace, many did not believe until until he confessed). But Bush ... But what about "pravizna? Protestant values, which he says at every opportunity and an uncomfortable situation? But what about the image of an exemplary family man, which he inherited from his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, "from genetic memory?

Besides, who this Monica Lewinsky? Yesterday's student secretary frivolous - how could she deny the president of a world empire? But Rice ... How many is written that a couple (!!!) Bush Secretary of State bind almost a decade of friendship, that she - dear guest at their family ranch.

A few years ago on the pages of newspapers was a picture: Condoleezza Rice, kissing George Bush's ear. Hunger scandals journalists "tabloid" and tried this kind of blind innocence of the plot "threads." Recall, for example, that the graceful black panther was never married, although she is clearly not an old maid. These conversations quickly began and ended as swiftly: Condoleezza Rice is absolutely no consistent pattern which attempted to create the paparazzi. But without even knowing they were wrong.

A few hours later the planet will be watching the scandal, slaughtered the effect of which would be comparable to the tsunami. Shock, which is now experiencing the first readers of stories about the antics of Bush, paralyzing political life - United States after September 11 is the last thing Americans need. And then begins the most exciting. Actually, not too many options.

The first - a scandalous resignation of the president and the entire Cabinet, "pyrotechnic" revenge Democrats over Republicans in the last presidential election. Do not believe me? Well, the Russian reader is really hard to understand - why the events of a purely personal life leaders in America, attracting such an unhealthy interest in the nation. However, remember Monica. That, too, did nothing, what does every healthy woman, entering into an intimate relationship. Ah, "the president"? So what if he did not Martian. Immoral? Suppose, but is it casts doubt on his qualities as a politician? And generally, anyone but Clinton, Lewinsky and their families relate to things like that for an unhealthy interest in other people's intima? Nevertheless, the popularity of yesterday's students eclipsed the popularity of politicians, film characters, players, generals, centerfold, all! This mentality.And with him now will have to reckon W. Bush.

The second option - do not be surprised - the military aggression of America. Wonder really is not: remember that the scandal on extramarital relationships Bill Clinton's bombing of Kosovo ended. Think of the numerous newspaper headlines, "Bill, plus Monica equals Kosovo." Yugoslavia at that time is already heavily battered. The short victorious war "in the Balkans began saving for the Clinton presidency. She drew attention to the nation on his adventures.

If Bush chooses "Clinton" way out of position, then the victim of aggression, logically, should become one of the countries that now appear on the blacklists of administration and in the minds of patriotic Americans as the "axis of evil". It is unlikely that this will be North Korea. Pyongyang possesses nuclear weapons, and this is the factor which will not allow a careful America directly derail even the most cannibalistic regime. Syria? Today, Syrian troops voluntarily and without firing a shot go from the "orange" Lebanon and to find a formal pretext for "punishment" of the Syrian regime will be very difficult.

Recall that a nuclear weapon, which allegedly possessed Saddam Hussein, Iraq was never found. Initially the "phony" excuse for the U.S. invasion of Iraq has become a very real reason for the temporary "chill" in relations between America and EU countries. Then the most likely target would be "appointed" Islamist Iran. But a "small victorious war," there will not be able, as it did not work even in Iraq, which surrendered virtually without a fight ...

Let us not rush things. While it's safe to say only that on Capitol Hill comes a devastating tornado, which marks a radically new turn of events in American and world politics.

Soon we will see what could end up just completely traditional act of love, if it occurs between politicians.


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