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If the smell repels partner

June 25 2009

12211.jpeg Your boyfriend - the living embodiment of man's dreams. When you go with him on the street, all the girls literally rolled up his neck. You are quite happy with them, if not a "but": from it smells bad. No, his body covered with stinking sores, just his natural smell bothers you, and even makes refuse sex. Should I put up with this problem, or better look for a different partner?

Usually the smell of a loved one seems the best flavor in the world. It is not even discussed - in the same way all the mothers in this world think that their children smell like milk and vanilla. Ask your friends, than smell their husbands, and you'll hear a lot of options, sometimes quite unexpected, such as the smell of freshly baked bread.

That smell determines whether we like people or not. In fact, if you do not like the smell of a man, then it will not come even to the kissing, not to mention more.

Some are their natural scent. These lucky, not even taking a shower for a few it will still be fragrant summer meadow or fruit pie, and their feet will fall more and more new fans. However, even the most pleasant in communication "Prince" and can not find your face in his princess, if a mile away from him reeks of, say, a herring.

Perfumery industry served us a disservice by denying the possibility of choosing a partner in the same way that our ancestors - the natural smell. It's really quite a serious criterion: the subconscious is almost impossible to cheat. Our individual smell - the result of combining a specific set of genes that form our immune system.

Numerous studies of scientists in this field has shown that people whose immune system is very different from ours, it seems to us the most attractive. This is a simple explanation: the mixing of genes, your children will receive one set, which will provide them with an almost 100-percent protection against any disease. In the end, choosing a partner, without exception, women are looking first and foremost the best father for her unborn child, even far away, and not all admit it.

A simple study of scientists only strengthened in their opinion. Forming a group of volunteers and gathered with them, "voluntary contributions" in the form of genetic material, the experts gave the subjects to sniff T-shirts that had for three days were not familiar to the participants of the experiment people, and then evaluate the smell on the very simple principle, "like - not like" .

As a result, most points in a personal rating of each volunteer recruited smells of those people whose immune system was most unlike their own. Incidentally, these pairs are the most robust.

Representatives of the stronger sex, by the way, much more "trusting" in terms of smells - the scent of violet, they will be very sincerely consider your "family." However, like your hair, on which day you spend an hour in front of a mirror. So invest in a good perfume simply necessary, if you really intend to say goodbye to the status of an unmarried person. Much worse would be if one fine morning after a shower you'll see a wrinkled nose, a loved one, before wasting your compliments smell.

Those whose second halves tend to be fragrant, "not those" flavors, we can advise closely monitor their diet. The main thing - if possible avoid alcohol, especially strong, herbs and spices.

oedanie onion and garlic also stands postponed - they contain flavonoids, "flavored" not only the body but the breath. And let your nose be your guiding light in search of personal happiness.

Наталья Синица

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