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True love test underwear

November 21 2009

13162.jpeg The way to a man's heart is through his pants. Wait, that's not what you think: the point is that if your favorite allows you to choose his underwear, then his feelings towards you are sincere.

Elucidation of causal relationships between buying shorts and heart palpitations have decided to engage members of British chain stores. The representative network Focherend Bob explains the essence of the study brief and easy to understand: men choose his girlfriend on the basis of how many panties he bought it. Of course, he exaggerates, but the truth, and considerable, in that there is.

The acquisition male underwear - very delicate subject. However, its sensitivity has not prevented the mall are several ... Well, let's say, levels of this sacred action.

To 18 men do not have a stupid habit to do such dirty work themselves - for they do their mothers. Incidentally, this is yet another fad in a long list of differences between men and women: the girls begin an active interest in the underwear of 12-13 years and would never entrust someone else to choose intimate new things.

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Further, at the age of 19-23 years old boys suddenly start to buy boxers in a timid hope that all potentially cute girl will immediately fall to their feet. Debenhams experts have estimated that in the year a young man of that age to buy an average of 30 pairs of panties.

Stinging sellers believe that there are two explanations: either the young man intends to each day of the month hit their passion to new clothes, or he does not like to wash each time and would prefer to buy new underwear. 13163.jpeg

At age 23, "trusopokupatelskaya" activity decreases significantly. It is very likely means that the guy has got a girlfriend.

Some even acknowledged that the second half gave them a chance to make such purchases on their own: with the advent of a permanent girl many guys do not just forget about selling the pants, but what size they need - the care of a decent attire fifth point his beloved representatives of the weaker sex undertake.

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Girls, in turn, recognized that the perceived buying panties to her husband as a matter of course, an indispensable component of what the British call good household keeping. Mom this is not taught, but all the girls have this secret knowledge.

His love for the choice "odezhek" for her husband's priests girls explain in different ways. Someone does not like what he buys himself, someone wants to thereby "mark territory", well, and some seek to diversify the intimate life or buy a deliberately idiotic cowards to laugh together.

By the way, the girls also have their "cowardly" habits. For the first time after they met, they swim like a Pava, entirely or in lacy thong panties. I could not help Cavaliers get the feeling that he meets with model Victoria's Secret.When the relationship becomes stronger, the lady can afford to relax and flaunt almost in the style trousers, "Hello, Grandma."

Impending midlife crisis affects the stronger sex as a good kick up the backside: they are again running in the lingerie department. As a rule, in 38-40 years, men are beginning to involve more young beauty, rather than fighting girlfriend lives, and therefore they try prihoroshitsya from all sides - just in case.

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13164.jpeg The last stage men overcome approximately 44-45 years. Then the question "boxers or briefs" they no longer holds: they confidently choose semeyniki. True, if their other half thinks otherwise, they will leave the choice of underwear on her mercy, no claim to the title of "Mr. Style".

Focherend mercilessly reveals all the secrets of boys, girls warned: "If you have long lived together, but he still buys his own underwear - a disturbing sign. Perhaps your relationship did not suit him, and he thinks about the intrigue on the side - not in vain He perk.

If you have found in his box "outsiders" pants, about which you know for sure that neither you nor your young people to not buy, it's time to sound the alarm: he had a different passion. "

Moral of this story? All you need to know about the personal life of your chosen one, lies in his chest - just open the box.

Nataliya Sinitsa

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