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Psychologists have uncovered the secrets of women's

October 21 2011

Psychologists have uncovered the mysteries of women. 20007.jpeg Men and women are so different that the stream of questions from members of both sexes to each other never ceases. Almost any glossy publication is heading, "What did he / she really thinks," but these speakers are not able to answer all the questions. Psychologists have named the top men's most uncomfortable questions for women's ears.

Why do you wear clothes with the neckline?

Just because it is beautiful. Despite any transfer of fashion in the company of her boyfriend, she sees how he eats the eyes of models in blouses with cutouts, concludes that he loves it and runs to the store for a decollete dress.

Why, take pictures, you're always doing dakfeys?

Question and funny, yet vital. The only more or less suitable explanation - at dakfeyse cheekbones become more pronounced, and her lips swollen. Although, of course, look it's still stupid.

Why you so much talking about?

Because men are the silent type. Someone has to fill the silence! If, however, refers to women's chatter - it is because women have more to talk about. Not everyone is talking about football and cars.

Why do you like guys with scars?

Perhaps because women are more compassionate. The kind of guy with a scar indicates that he once suffered, and the woman wants to feel sorry for this poor man and make his life just a little more fun. The explanation may seem wild, but sometimes the thinking beautiful half of humanity can hardly be called linear.

Why you are suffering domestic violence?

If a woman is living with a tyrant, it is likely he has already managed to impress upon her the idea that it is - nobody. Therefore, such a "lamb" feels useless body and thinks that nobody needs. Attachment - a terrible thing, and to recognize themselves as victims and seek help for many it seems demeaning. Furthermore, even if the rapist to jail sooner or later he will come out and can take revenge.

Why did you fall in love with married men?

Just because it is a coincidence and not due to the fact that the ring finger on them attracts like a magnet. It is clear that most good men dismantled in the first place, but that they are popular due to their personal qualities, rather than marital status.

Why do you wear a thong?

Once again - it is beautiful. The thread between the "rolls" - it is certainly pretty uncomfortable stuff, but it's something that makes women feel sexy. In addition, under some clothes and anything else not wear, or outlines of underwear spoil all impression even on the most beautiful dresses in the world.

Why are you stuck your trouble than something sweet?

Because ice does not break a girl's heart! Have you ever heard of that sweet exacerbates depression? By the way, neuroscientists from the London Institute of Psychiatry, say that by eating ice cream in the brain are activated the same regions of pleasure, and that when listening to your favorite music or win a large sum.

Why you open your mouth when you paint the lashes?

Because the girls look up to mothers - and more for no other reason.Apply a layer of ink akuratnym more than physically possible, and without open mouth, just not all tried to do this simple trick.

Why are you lying to her boyfriend?

People cheat each other in a relationship if something is missing. Stories of mysterious fans invented to cause jealousy and meeting with the "friend" - to hide the affair. Blame should not cheat - maybe they just did not occur to him that the problem can be solved in another way. The main thing - do not be afraid to talk openly with her half of what both of you are not satisfied.

Why are you whining all the time?

When a woman shares her troubles, first it's just a story. If it go unheeded or do not comment, the story becomes nagging.

Why are you doing curls myself?

On curly hair is not as noticeable posechennye tips. In addition, the curls - it's just cute.

What do you mean when you go to the bathroom in pairs?

If it happens at work - something that, with some boring you have to work. If the club - about a guy at the bar, which is the one-and-o look.

Why do you think you are always right?

Men often do not realize that she is trying to explain to them. So ladies just silent, realizing the futility of their attempts, and consider themselves right by default.

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