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How to solve the problems in bed - the secrets of Thai massage

July 19 2006

There is nothing worse than a sexual relationship between two lovers, than failures in sex. This problem is far from trivial, and it is constantly a source of different complexes, and even mental illness in the majority of young couples.

As with all mental disorders, all of these problems depends on the person, his attitude, not physiology. The first thing you need to learn is to remain calm and to learn to control himself.

Remember, several times in the life of such failures in bed suffered all men, and whole periods of such failures occur in the life of every fourth man in the world. So jump to conclusions and write yourself in impotent weaklings or not worth it.

Root of the problem that is becoming more intense rhythm of our lives, and the more stress falls on us, the more ordinary hard-working men faced with the fact that even in my bed they can not achieve success and to give pleasure to partner.

Each such failure in bed (and not only there) is strongly inciting male ego, self-esteem, and brings us into a depression. Our brains are designed so that each subsequent failure "in life, even the most petty and trivial, you'll recall that the bed you have problems, too. Your confidence is melting in his eyes, and with it your success, and your own happiness.

Almost all young people, often similar problem may arise because of the usual excitement before its proximity to the girl, inexperience and other things. You're very serious about their partner, fear doing something wrong to offend her pain, but the main thing, you do not trust her. In any case, if something does not work for you, it's not just your problem, but its here to help his beloved should come just a woman.

Of course, to behave in bed should be cautious, sexual trauma is also a very unpleasant thing, and hike to the urologist may aggravate the already grave moral trauma. Eighty percent of men after his failure in the bed begin to instinctively fear a repetition of this terrible situation. Fear, as you know the main enemy of human life and therefore a misfire occurs again, as in sex, in relationships with people, work, everywhere. Your fear of being insolvent backed up on a subconscious level and you become difficult to get rid of his own to throw him off the fetters. So come to this impotence - your consciousness itself leads you to this dramatic finale.

font face = "Times New Roman" size = "3"> Tips girls you do not need to ask your already embarrass the man, why he happened this crap. The longer you discuss this (albeit important) issue, the more uncomfortable your young person will feel. For example, if he says that he was tired and wanted to sleep, understand it and just be patient until the morning. The next morning, wake up your favorite soft kisses, and even better, intimate caresses, and then all you will be fine - checked generations.

At issue, when your man just does not, you should simply support it. Give the man a glass of wine, which will help him relax. Change of scenery. If you were in the bedroom, then suggest you take a man with a contrast shower (this is the dream of most men). Water treatment (including bath) has a positive effect on blood circulation, which naturally leads to the emergence of a strong erection. Note that this procedure a good idea to make your joint daily habit. Do not forget about the sport: running, soccer and swimming, well affect not only your figures (an added incentive), but also on the potency.

It also happens that in bed the whole matter in unsuccessful selected posture copulation. Thus, in certain sexual positions are very difficult to maintain quality erection. When a man lies on his back, from the standpoint of circulation is not the most successful posture.

You can always make a man erotic, thai a relaxing massage. Will not prevent you take care of his diet, bananas (contain serotonin - the hormone of happiness "), dark chocolate (contains phenylethylamine - the plant element acting like the male hormone responsible for sexual arousal), pumpkin seeds and walnuts (contain vitamin E, which is very useful for potency). And during dinner do not forget to feed him meat and celery.


Author: Tslo


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