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Cabbage increases the potency

June 8 2009

12152.jpeg Vegetables, is not only tasty and healthy, they also possess magical properties and are able to bring to us good luck and love!

Take, for example, the most common potato, which we eat almost every day. One would think that's special about it? Meanwhile, potato tubers are energetically linked to the three natural elements - earth, water and air.

They say that the potato absorbs negative energy. There is even a belief - not to quarrel in the room where lay the potatoes. In this case, evil turns on those who eat it.

Did you know that potato tubers can guess? Try it! Need to dig them out of their hands, and transplanted into the place, which will be known only to you. Two weeks later, again dig up the tubers - a form of processes, and predict your future.

But cabbage can help you maintain health, youthfulness and attractiveness. If you are regularly going to drink the juice of white cabbage, many of your illness as an arm lift.

We could not mention one of its "magical" properties, but this information is only for men: salads of cabbage in a spicy sauce cure impotence! So, you know, cabbage, improves mood, helps people understand each other better.

Tomato in France called the "apple of passion." Perhaps this is due to the fact that some of its varieties is shaped like a heart. And if a woman in love will offer his handpicked ripe tomato, he'll respond to her feelings reciprocated.

The same effect is a salad made from tomatoes in the form of hearts. Red tomatoes relieve fatigue, give vitality. Encouraged to eat tomatoes for breakfast - they improve the microclimate in the family and even the ability to mitigate a bad temper your loved ones.

Cucumbers removal of residues from our bodies. Without them, perhaps, will not do any woman that monitors itself and who knows the price of cucumber masks and lotions (they are very useful for individuals).

Cucumber is not left unattended and wizards. In their view, it can be used to get rid of all sorts of troubles and misfortunes. Only need to grow cucumber with your hands, then rip it and wash with holy water.

Remove the seeds and dry them in the sun and put it in a bag, then Bury away from home. When you dig in, mentally enumerates all the misery from which would get rid of.

Carrots are good for those who suffer heart disease, kidney disease, it is even recommended to cancer patients because it improves the body's metabolism. Carrot juice - the perfect cosmetic, skin nourishing vitamins and gives it the color tan.

According to legend, if a woman umoetsya carrot juice, it is bound to attract attention to please her man. And if you find a carrot with two tails, you can make a wish. Only first gently wash it, then tear off the two tails and hide in the bosom of the heart. Carry them with you within 3 days. Then eat a carrot, thinking about his long cherished desire, and it will come true!

Can make a wish and whoever finds the beets with a long tail. Tear off and Bury in a secret place, thinking at this moment about what you want.

In the old girl beet wondered at her spouse.They take turns pulling out of beds for svekline. The one who had the beets with a longer tail, before everyone had to get married.

And that is credited with a pumpkin? They say that it is beneficial to man, making his benevolence. So if you want someone to become kinder and more sympathetic, gave him food from the pumpkin or offer to drink pumpkin juice.

And another thing: if you turn a pumpkin into your diet, you have a normalized complex relationships within the family, if they were, of course.

Onions are known from seven disease. The ancient Greek poet Aristophanes mention of it as a tool which gives a person the strength and courage. This vegetable is fraught with tremendous opportunities. Onions not only returns lost health, but also prevents various diseases.

Garlic is in no way inferior to the onions. Moreover, it also protects them from evil forces. If you are afraid of otherworldly influence, carry a clove of garlic - invulnerability and protection from evil forces are guaranteed.

Маргарита Троицына

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