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Time Machine: May 31, in world history

May 31 2007

Historical events and inventions:

May 31, 1836 in England was patented design of the propeller.

On this day in 1859, again in Britain, were launched with the famous clock bell "Big Ben".

May 31, 1868 hosted the first cycling. Event has occurred in the outskirts of Paris, in the park of Saint-Claude. Route length was 1200 meters and won by Englishman James Moore. Sports bike then weighed 73 pounds.

May 31, but already in 1879 in Berlin, opened the world's first electric railway and demonstrated the first electric train. Designer innovation was Werner von Siemens.

On this day in 1891 in Vladivostok was officially founded Trans-Siberian Railway. Construction began with the east section: from Vladivostok to the station Grafskaya (now Lazo).

May 31, 1902 ended with the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. Between Britain and the Boer republics - the Orange Free State and Transvaal peace treaty was signed. The monarchy was the new colonies.

On this day in 1911 was launched on the famous "Titanic." During the descent were observed more than 100 000 people, and on board the vessel was not broken down the traditional bottle of champagne. The End of History "Titanic" is known to all.

May 31, 1915 was tested first in the world of the tank "ATV", built on the Russian-Baltic plant in Riga. The design of machines have been provided for all elements of the modern tank: the caterpillar body armor and weapons, located in a rotating turret. The tank developed a speed of 25 miles per hour on a deep sand. Designer of the tank was 23-year-old Alexander Porohovschikov. Grandson of the designer - Alexander Shalvovich Porohovschikov - a famous actor.

On this day in 1918 after the collapse of Austria-Hungary announced the political union of Czechs and Slovaks, who in October of that year led to the formation of an independent Czechoslovak Republic.

On this day in 1991, the Russian Ministry of Justice registered the statutes of the Russian Orthodox Church.

May 31, 2003 the official opening of the restored Amber Room. The ceremony marking the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg, attended Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

On this day were born:

May 31, 1557 was born Fyodor Ivanovich (1557 - 17.1.1598), the last Russian tsar of the Rurik kind.

On this day in 1892, was born Konstantin G. Paustovsky (1892 - 14.7.1968), the famous native writer.

May 31, 1930 Clint Eastwood was born, a famous American film actor and director. Played a lot of cowboys and put a couple of films.

On this day in 1933, was born Georgy Burkov (1933 - 19.7.1990), a famous Soviet film and theater actor.

May 31, 1950 was born Tom Berenger, a famous American film actor. Watched "Platoon"?

On this day in 1955, was born Vladimir Kuzmin, the famous Russian rocker: guitarist, singer and songwriter.

May 31, 1965 was born Brooke Shields, American actress.

On this day in 1973, was bornAtash Queen (Natalia Poryvai), known domestic pop singer.

On this day, have died:

May 31, 1740 died Friedrich Wilhelm I (15.8.1688 - 1740), King of Prussia, who turned his country from a second-rate power in the powerful state, which subsequently became the main military force in Europe.

On this day in 1809, died Franz Joseph Haydn (03/31/1732 - 1809), the famous Austrian composer.

May 31, 1837 died Joseph Grimaldi (12/18/1778 - 1837), the legendary English clown and mime. They say that the greatest in history.

On this day in 1996, has died, Tim (Timothy Francis) Leary (22/10/1922 - 1996), a famous American psychologist, one of the most prominent promoters of LSD-culture, a cult figure of his time.

May 31, 2005 died Archil M. Gomiashvili (03/23/1926 - 2005), a famous Georgian actor. Remember Ostap gaydaevskih of "12 chairs"?

Name days:

According to the Orthodox calendar May 31 birthday note: Alexandra, Anastas, Andrew, Basil, David, Denis, Heraclius, Isaac, Claudia, Leo, Matrona, Paul, Peter, Simon, Faina, Fedotov, Theodore, Christine (Christina), Julian and Julia .

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