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Che Guevara hair sold at least 100 thousand dollars

October 25 2007

Lot with a lock of hair of the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara and his fingerprints for auction in Dallas, Texas (USA). His starting price was 100 thousand dollars, the report said local auction gallery Heritage.

"The initial cost of the lot, put up by former CIA agent Gustav Villoldo, who took part in the funeral of Che Guevara, is 100 thousand dollars" - the document says.

In addition to the long locks of hair 7.5 cm, which Villoldo cut from the bottom left of the head of Che, the lot includes a card with fingerprints taken from Che Guevara's death and the map of the area Valegrande in Spanish measuring 60 by 60 centimeters, which is a marker places the death of Che Guevara.

Also in the auction included a letter to Che's military detention and 52 photos in the album titled "Photos of the campaign against the rebel detachment of Che Guevara in Bolivia."

In the photo collection includes pictures, which made itself Villoldo and photographs submitted to it by other people.

Among the photos, for sale, there are marked thus: "The first pictures confirming the presence of Che Guevara in Bolivia", "Valegrande, October 11, 1967, photos of the evacuation of the dead soldiers in the campaign." On many of the photos of Che Guevara and his comrades were sealed already dead.

In the lot also includes 23 newspaper clippings in October 1967 with materials that are related to the death of Che Guevara.

According to the organizers of the auction, a comparative analysis of the DNA strands and DNA, the body of Che Guevara, which is stored in a mausoleum in Santa Clara (Cuba), "can put an end to the contradictions that surround the death of the man whom Time magazine has included in lists of" 20 heroes and icons " and "One Hundred VIP XX century."

Boss collection of things related to the death of Che Guevara, Cuban Gustavo Villoldo, moved from their homeland in the U.S. in 1959, shortly after coming to power of Fidel Castro. Villoldo served in the U.S. Army and in 1964 he was recruited by the CIA. He and several other agents - immigrants from Cuba - have been charged with the Che Guevara. Search operations in the Dominican Republic and Congo have failed.

According to declassified documents, the summer of 1967 Villoldo and other agents went to the town of Esperanza in Bolivia as military advisers to train the intelligence units. One of the guidelines states that in case of capture of Che Guevara, the Bolivian army, Villoldo and his team must do everything possible to save his life.

In a telegram to U.S. Ambassador to Bolivia, Douglas Henderson State Department on October 18, 1967 states that in a battle in the town of La Iguera between the armed forces and a group of red "Che" Guevara was mortally wounded and fell into the hands of the authorities.

After the battle, about eight o'clock on Sunday, October 8, 1967, Che Guevara was taken to a nearby town Iguera, where he died from his injuries. The next day his body in a helicopter boliviysmkoy army moved in Valegrande.

Death of Che Guevara witnessed the two doctors of the hospital director Rytsareya Malta Moses Abraham Baptista and José María Caso intern, said in a telegram to Ambassador Henderson.

While the body of Che Guevara, was on the table, Villoldo cut a lock of hair, a long 7.5 inches.

"I wanted proof that fulfilled the task," - said in an interview Villoldo.

He then helped the doctors to remove fingerprints and left himself one of the two or three cards with fingerprints.

After this the doctor cut off the hands of Che Guevara to his death could confirm in Argentina, where he kept his fingerprints.

Villoldo did not want to have the body of Che Guevara returned to Cuba, where they had to lavish funeral. Therefore, on the night of 11 to 12 October, between two and three o'clock, the body of Che Guevara and his two companions were taken from the morgue and buried during construction of the runway of the airfield Valegrande.

Villoldo said the coordinates of the burial site, to convey their daughter of Che Guevara.

"She has a right to know where her father is buried. My kids would have the same right if it killed me" - he said.

In 1995 the Bolivian retired General Mario Vargas Salinas has established that the body was buried at the airfield. After several weeks of excavation were found a few bodies, but the body of Che Guevara was not among them. After a while the Bolivian and Cuban authorities, who conducted excavations have found remains of seven people, one body had no arms.

"I buried a three, they found seven. Dead men do not play" - said Villoldo.

In October 1997 the coffin with no hands had been placed in a mausoleum in Santa Clara in Cuba, reports RIA Novosti .

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