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"Time Machine": February 25, in world history

February 25 2007

Historical events and inventions:

February 25, 1807 (200 years ago) was established by the Order of Saint George - military insignia for awarding non-commissioned officers, soldiers and sailors. A little later were established 4 degrees awards, and in 1913 received the Order of the official name of "George Cross".

On this day in 1836 Samuel Colt received a patent for a six-shooter. Initially (during the first ten years), the company that manufactured it, narrowly escaped bankruptcy, however, when the war broke out between the U.S. and Mexico, the production company has acquired a truly fantastic popularity. It turned out that the rider better weapons simply do not: you can shoot with one hand, and after every shot gun reloading is not necessary.

On this day in 1940 on television was first shown a hockey game. They played the New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens, was broadcasting the event in New York channel W2XBS. The victory then won the "New York", with the score 6:2.

February 25, 1946 "Red Army" was renamed to "Soviet Army".

February 25, 1956 in a closed session the Twentieth Party Congress made a report, NS Khrushchev's "On the Personality Cult and its consequences. On the last day of the congress delegates were invited to the Grand Kremlin Palace to a private meeting to attend which were issued special passes. There, the first Secretary of the CPSU, Nikita Khrushchev delivered to them a famous lecture "On the Personality Cult and its Consequences" message has been prepared by the Commission Secretary of the Communist PN Pospelov and pre-approved by the Bureau of the CPSU Central Committee.

Khrushchev gave examples of transgressions of the Stalinist regime, arguing, however, that the cult of personality "has not changed the nature of socialism." His speech lasted over four hours, during which the debate is not opened. March 1 report was circulated throughout the party leadership. Despite the fact that the reading of the report at Party meetings throughout the Soviet Union had to print thousands of copies of it, in an open Soviet press report appeared only 33 years later.

On this day in 1969 the Beatles began recording his final album Abbey Road.

February 25, 1977 in Moscow there was a large fire - burning the famous hotel "Russia". In 1400 participated in extinguishing fire on 143 machines. Killed 42 (including 13 firefighters).

Also on this day in 1994 in Hebron, an Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein shot in the mosque "Cave forefathers" 29 Palestinians, Arabs. About a hundred people were injured, and the offender, when he ran out of ammunition, was torn to pieces by the crowd.

February 25, 1997 American multimillionaire John DuPont was convicted of killing Olympic champion wrestler David Schultz. During the investigation, DuPont tried to pretend to be mad, saying that he was the Dalai Lama.

On this day in 2004 in the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand premiere of the film by Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ". The history of the last hours of Jesus' earthly life was controversial, despite the approval of the Pope.

On this day were born:

February 25, 1479 was born Vasily III (1479 - 12/04/1533), Grand Duke of Vladimir and Moscow, the Tsar of All Russia in 1505.

On this day in 1841, was born Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841 - 12.3.1919), the famous French artist.

February 25, 1912 was born Vsevolod V. Sanaev (1912 - 26.1.996), a famous actor, People's Artist of the USSR.

On this day in 1914, was born Arkady Ostrovsky Ilyich (1914 - 18.9.1967), the famous composer, one of the most popular authors of the 60-ies. His works are well known throughout the country: "Let there always be sunshine," "How to escort ships," "The Song Remains the person," "And in our yard" and, of course, "sleeping tired toys.

Also on this day in 1921, was born Abelevich Roman Kachanov (1921 - 07/04/1993), a talented director, artist, writer animated films ("mittens", "Crocodile Gena", "Cheburashka", "Mystery of the Third Planet"). Another director Roman Kachanov ("DMR", "Down House") - his son.

February 25, 1937 Born Yegor S. Stroyev, governor of the Oryol region. In 1996-2001 he headed the Federation Council.

On this day in 1943 was born George Harrison (1943 - 29.11.2001), one of the legendary "Fab Four".

February 25, 1966 Tea Leoni was born, Hollywood actress, wife of David Duchovny.

This day died:

February 25, 1713, died Frederick I (11.7.1657 - 1713), the first king of Prussia

On that day in 1899, died Paul Julius von Reuter (Reuters) (21/07/1816 - 1899), founder of the famous British news agency, named after him. Born in a family of German Jews, the boy received the name Israel Beer Josaphat. In 1848 he was in Paris, where he worked as a translator at the news agency Havas (the predecessor AFP), and a year later founded his own service business news. In 1851, Reuter and his agency settled in London.

On this day in 1992, died Viktor Reznikov (09/05/1952 - 1992), a famous composer, poet, singer. He is the author of many popular songs that were performed Pugachev, Boyarsky, Leontiev, Valley, and many others. Standing winner of television song contests "Song of the Year". Tragically killed in a car accident.

Name days:

Today in the Orthodox calendar birthday note: Anton, Alex, Eugene, Mary and dams.

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