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Mitkov departed founder of the movement

March 21 2008

On Thursday it became known that the movement of artists and Mitkov departed Vladimir Shinkarev - one of its founding fathers who wrote the book "Mitka" in 1984, after which it started. "The only thing that surprised friends - why I waited so long," - told Shinkarev correspondent of THE VIEW, and said that this solution has at least two reasons.

Who are Mitki? Bearded men in vests, who gladly poured a drink first comer, and say to him: "Duc, brother Elah-burns ..." And yet this group of artists that portray the funny "primitive" paintings, which is strongly associated with Mitya Shagin, constantly involved in all socio-political events, whether Carnival or St. Petersburg elections.

Now a group of artists joined the movement founder Vladimir Mitkov Shinkarev. He told the newspaper the view that this solution has at least two reasons. First - a group of artists Mitki is in decline. What decline? The fact that the art groups can not and should not have more than five years. And the one that exists 25 years - it is a "gloomy sports team, whose members are forced to coexist." And the second reason - Dmitry Shagin, who became leader of the Mitki, according Shinkareva, uses them in its own interests:

"He's a very simplified philosophy Mitkov. Imbedded two, three prihlopa - and all. All now think that Mitki - it just vest and Dmitry Shagin.

According Shinkareva originally Shagin was just a demonstration model for a new character.

"I wrote the book" Mitka "in 1984, while Mitya Shagin was my main boon companion, and therefore became the prototype for the book. If I wrote a book in 1983 or the year after, the hero would be a completely different person, "- says Shinkarev.

He emphasizes that proper Mitko, that is a member of the community of people with a certain outlook on life, which was formed after the release of the book, he remains. But from the same artistic association goes:

"My act was not a surprise to anyone. I'm already half do not participate in their exhibitions, but to me about them and are not reported. The only thing that surprised friends - why I waited so long. And because I dearly love these people, it's friends of my youth, especially those "grassroots" Mitya, about which little is now heard. In general, the group "Mitka" people started to leave as early as 1992. That's when her and I had to close. "

Dmitry Shagin in a telephone conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper tried to laugh it off in the VIEW purely Mitkovskaya style:

"What can I say? Will fraternize, do not groan, Mitka nobody wants to win! "

But then we still asked Dimitri to assess the seriousness of the situation:

"You know, I'm friends with Volodya Shinkareva for 30 years. And I would not want to comment on some remarks of my close friend ... the more that I personally had no such saying. I'd rather not comment on other people's words, to respond to the accusations, excuses and so on. I am here all day today calling reporters about it. It is a pity that pay attention not primarily on the good things that we do, not on our exhibitions, and to do so. I think maybe, Volodya come to its senses, change his mind. And no, so let him come and tell all. If he really thinks so, let them. We have a free country and everyone is entitled to their opinion. "

And a little about Mitka. "Mitka" - a group of artists from St. Petersburg, with almost two dozen people and named after one of them, Dmitry Shagin, as well as the subculture that has developed on the basis of their philosophical principles described in the eponymous book by Vladimir Shinkareva 1984, - cite "Wikipedia".

The movement Mitki tend to express themselves in art: in painting, literature, music - and in particular a positive outlook on life. Mitka - a hymn of goodness and simplicity. In addition to the artists in honor Mitka including the famous rock musician Yuri Shevchuk, Boris Grebenshchikov. Externally Mitka can be found on the vest and the special slang. The most famous of their words and expressions: Duc, Elah, burns, brother to eat by shit (hurt), durilka cardboard (affectionately call to the other party), etc.

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