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"Time Machine": April 12, in world history

April 12 2007

Historical events and inventions:

On this day in 1861 in the bombing and capture of Fort Sumter Southerners in the U.S. Civil War began.

April 12, 1919 in our country held the first Saturday: Working depot of the Moscow-sorting "free repaired three locomotives.

On this day in 1942 the first performance of the legendary song "Blue Scarf". She has sung Claudia Shulzhenko - at a concert for the military railroad depot Volkhov. Samuel wrote the song contributor "in the decisive battle" 54-th Army Volkhov Front, Lieutenant Michael Maximov.

April 12, 1944 as a result of a night assault troops 3rd Ukrainian Front liberated Tiraspol.

On this day in 1954, Bill Hayley and his band recorded the disc with the song Rock Around the Clock. The musicians played the track in an unusual, groovy rhythms, and since 12 th April 1954 have repeatedly called the birthday of rock 'n' roll.

April 12, 1961 hosted the first manned flight into space. The first astronaut, of course, is Yuri Gagarin, who then uttered the famous phrase: "Let's go."

On this day in 1992 in a suburb of Paris opened Euro Disneyland.

On this day were born:

April 12, 1823 was born Alexander Ostrovsky (1823 - 14.6.1886), the famous playwright.

On this day in 1839, was born Nikolai Mikhailovich Przewalski (1839 - 11.1.1888), the legendary traveler, explorer of Asia.

April 12, 1866 was born Alexander Ilyich Ulyanov (1866 - 05/20/1887), the older brother of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. That he made an unsuccessful attempt on the Emperor Alexander III. After his execution 17-year-old Vladimir says the famous phrase: "We'll go the other way."

On this day in 1912, was born Efim Z. Kopelyan (1912 - 03/06/1975), the legendary actor ("Elusive Avengers") and "voice over" in "Seventeen Moments of Spring".

April 12, 1931 was born Leonid Pavlovich Derbenev (1931 - 22.6.1995), the famous poet and songwriter. Standing by "soundtracks" for Gaidai's comedies ("Song about bears", "Island of bad luck", "Song of the riders," Vulcan passions ") and author of numerous other hits:" The best city in the world "," There is only a moment, " All can be kings, "" The Wizard-educated "," You, I know you have to light "," Urban Flowers, "" Do not worry, Auntie. "

Also that day, but in 1933 was born on Montserrat Caballe, the legendary Spanish opera singer (soprano).

April 12, 1947 was born David Letterman, the famous American journalist.

Also that day, but in 1956, was born Andy Garcia, the famous American actor of Cuban descent. We watched a movie about "Ocean's"?

April 12, 1961 was born Yuri Galtsev, a famous actor-clown. Given the date of his birth, to guess in honor of whom it is given a name, not difficult.

On this day in 1962, was born Mikhail Borisovich Turkish, founder and leader of the famous chamber choir.

This day died:

April 12, 1938, died Fyodor Chaliapin (13.2.873 - 1938), the legendary singer.

On this day in 1945, died Franklin Delano Roosevelt (30/01/1882 - 1945), 32 th President of the United States. He was elected to the highest office four times in a row.

April 12, 1971, died Tamm (07/08/1895 - 1971), the famous physicist, academician, Nobel Laureate.

Also that day, but in 1979, died Leonid Bykov (12/12/1928 - 1979), famous actor, filmmaker and musician. We watched "The fighting was some of the old men"?

April 12, 1980, died Arkady North (Arkady Dmitrievich Zvezdin) (03/12/1939 - 1980), a popular singer thieves songs.

On this day in 1986, died Valentin Petrovich Kataev (01/28/1897 - 1986), a famous writer.

April 12, 2001 died Harvey Ball (10/07/1921 - 2001), an American artist who invented the familiar smiley faces around the world «happy face». This happened in late 1963, when Ball, co-owner of a small advertising firm in Worcester, has received an order to invent an emblem, which would lift the mood of the employees of two insurance companies, post merger. For this work he received $ 45 and never claimed to copyright.

Name days:

According to the Orthodox calendar, April 12 birthday note: Elizabeth, Ivan, Sawa Sofron.

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