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Today is Elijah's Day - August 2, 2007

August 2 2007

One of the greatest prophets and the first Virgin of the Old Testament. He was born in Fesvii Gilead in the tribe of Levi for 900 years before Christ. When Elijah was born, his father Sovaku had a vision that comely men spoke with an infant, swaddled fire and fueled the flames of fire.

From a young age, he settled in the desert and lived in strict feat of fasting and prayer. Called to prophetic ministry in the reign of King Ahab, idolater, who worshiped Baal (sun) and forced the Jewish people to do the same. The Lord sent Elijah to Ahab, and commanded him to predict that if he and his people did not turn to the true God, his kingdom will suffer hunger. Ahab did not hear that prophet, and there came a great drought and famine.

During the famine year of Elijah lived in the desert, where he crows were eating, and more than two years, a widow in Sarepta. After three and a half years Elijah returned to the kingdom of Israel and said to the king and the people that all the evil Israelis is because they have forgotten the true God and began to worship the idol Baal. To prove the fallacy of Israelis, Elias suggested to make two altar - one of Baal and the other - to God, and said: "The sacrifice, and if the fire from heaven will descend on the altar of Baal, he's the true God, and if not, then the idol."

First, make an altar to Baal, they raised wood, killed a bull, a priest of Baal prayed his idol: "Baal, Baal, and walked us from the sky a fire." But no answer was no, and the fire from heaven on the altar of Baal was not gone. In the evening, Elias made his altar, put wood watered them with water before and prayed to God. Suddenly the sky fell and the fire consumed not only the wood and the victim, but also water and stones of the altar. When people saw this miracle, it glorified the true God, and again in him believed.

For his ardent zeal for the glory of God, the prophet Elijah was taken alive to heaven in a fiery chariot. Witness this wondrous ascent was the prophet Elisha. Then, in the Transfiguration of Our Lord, he was with the Prophet Moses and Jesus Christ appeared before talking to him on Mount Tabor. According to the legend of the Holy Church, the prophet Elijah will be the Last forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ on earth and during the sermon will bodily death.

Prophet Elijah prayed for the granting of rain during a drought. Reports

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