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The weather this day notice on the future of autumn

August 1 2008

August 1 in the national calendar - Makridis. Day Makridis - ukaznik autumn. The weather this day notice of a future fall, farmers say: "What day is issued - this autumn and will," "Look at Fall Makridis," because "If Makridis wet, then the entire autumn is wet," "Bucket (dry warm weather) to Makridis - autumn dry "or" will be a rainy day - and fall Mokra, dry - and autumn too, "" Kolya on Makridis wet, the rainy harvest. "Rain in the morning - do not wait for the good: it will be autumn all wet."

Villagers firmly know: "Coley Makridis on the field, and you my smekay (play)," "Gone to Makridis, and thou shalt be with bread." Dependence on nature has forced villagers carefully observe the world around us, and a keen eye to notice the peasant most characteristic for each day: "At Makridis if the rain - the sowing of winter crops will be good," "If this day is rain, there will be nuts." "Flew down with aspen - go for the aspen," "The Gadfly bite last day", "Makridis autumn planting, and Anna (August 7) - Winter."

And on Saturday - August 2 - Elijah's Day - Elijah the prophet. In the popular imagination, Ilya - St. stern, threatening, punishing, in its submission rain, thunder, lightning, on the other hand, Ilya - generous, granting, as the sending of land fertility.

The first sheaf of the first feast: "Know the autumn on the sheaves of Elijah's Day." On this day in Russia from a new baking rye bread, and bring blessings to the church.

According to the observations, with Ilyin was the beginning of autumn, come cold mornings: "Until Ilyina man to swim, and with Ilyina day from the river says good-bye," "On Elijah before lunch summer, autumn afternoon, said:" On the day of deer hooves Ilyin wetting: water is cold, "" On Elijah Stone morning vegetate, "" Until the day Ilyina clouds on the wind goes, the day after Ilyina against, "" Until the day Ilyina and under a bush, dry, and after Ilyina and does not dry on the bush, "" In Elijah's Day winter to summer are struggling, "" Elijah will come rot (rain), but there was also a sign: "Rain on this day heralds a bountiful harvest of rye in the next year" or "Rain in Elijah's Day, as well as Makkoveya (August 14) and at Elevation (September 27) - to the bountiful harvest next year. "

Rain begins: "Before Elijah pop rain does not pray, and after Elias Baba apron catch up," "Until the day Ilyina rain in Hutch, and after the date of the Ilyin's coffers." On the observations vorozheek, rain collected on Elijah's Day, eliminates "from full-time prizora, evil eye and all enemy's forces." And another thought: "In Elijah's Day rain - will be a little fire, a bucket - a lot," "Elijah Friday with no rain - a lot of fires," "If at Ilyinsky thunderstorm lightning will ignite the hut, then it should not extinguish with water, and milk or serum" .

Ilya Thunder - the master of lightning and thunder. This day often with rain and thunderstorms, said: "Elijah the prophet travels across the sky in a chariot of fire", "Ilya word keeps rain and reduces," "On the day in the field of Il'in not work, do not toss stacks - burn down a storm," "On Elijah sin haul hay - Ilya burn it, "Ilya storm keeps," "In Elijah's Day anywhere from a thunderstorm lights up," "Ascension of the rain, Ilya Storm"

To avert disaster, appease the terrible prophet, Elijah's Day did not work in the field, not mowed and cleaned the hay. "The Prophet Elijah summer comes, the corn (stubble) zazhinaet," and another: "By day Ilyin even whip prihlystni, yes zaboroni.

and Elijah's Day is distilled bees, cleans hives, cropping the first cell, said: "Rich as Ilyinsky hundred, but they knew that" Ilyinsky swarm and not greed, "because later, no time to stock up on food. Fly bites to Ilyina day, eats, and after Ilyina stored, after Elijah mosquitoes stop biting, too. After Ilyina day is not advised to eat strawberries, otherwise you will doze off.

With Ilyina day the employee two sites: the night is long, but the water is cold, as Elijah the prophet three o'clock daylight time dragged.

Name day of Athanasius and Elijah. Athanasius Greek - "immortal", reports Pravda.Ru .

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