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Election Program of the Fair Russia was filled with ideas of racism

September 23 2007

New Socialism leader of Just Russia, Sergey Mironov, who he intends to offer voters an alternative "military socialism" of the Soviet Union and socialism with a European face, is not only a surprise and ridicule, and disgust.

"We must go beyond military and Western socialism ... We need a civilizational project of the third socialism, socialism, Version 3.0", - leader of Just Russia in his speech at the Party Congress, and then read out the main differences between the new socialist model, "in tune challenges of the XXI century, the spiritual traditions of the people and their culture. "

For example, according to Sergei Mironov, the daily life of citizens under socialism 3.0 has changed dramatically and "education, health, housing and access to culture" will be free for all. Why is the speaker of Federation Council believes that this was not the Soviet Union, and why these same requirements contained in the policy slogans of the Communist Party, he considers outdated, the speaker of Federation Council is not reported.

In addition, Sergei Mironov said that "socialist project is only possible when the state is stronger capital" that is, in fact, described the features of an ordinary state capitalism. Difficult, therefore, to understand the ideology of "Socialist-Revolutionaries", who call it socialism, War Communism, the Western capitalism. Margaret heard the Mironov Tettcher, which in his view, all life has built the "European socialism".

But the main aim of the new ideas of socialism, Mironov said, "accelerated, increasing the reproduction of multi-ethnic Russian nation, which has become a nation of" high quality, very high test. " "This is a national idea of Russia, who are looking for and can not find" - said Sergey Mironov. Duma Deputy Dmitrii Rogozin sure that there is little to talk about what Sergei Mironov plans to combine all the Russian nation as one, "he simply has no idea about the existence of Russian, Chuvash, Tatars and so on. For him there is only multi-ethnic population to which he classifies himself and requires its own reproduction - to accelerate and expand, "said the MP. "If the zoo to release all the animals from the cells, and the zoo close to the castle and wait for a few months, that will be produced such mutants, which, Sergei Mironov, apparently, dreams, - said Dmitry Rogozin. - It's hard to say that here he was referring to, but I believe he said it was on such a mutant. And if he wants the birth of "mutants", then let him have in this regard, not particularly worried, "- said the deputy korresponentu . "Communists, with all due respect to them, did not allow until now frank idiocy" - concluded, Dmitry Rogozin.

So now it remains only to create a commission to determine the quality and enter the appropriate standard - a "first class", "high grade", etc. Fortunately, experience in world history is already available. In short, it's hard to disagree with the leader of the current left-wing. " "Socialism 3.0" is really not a utopia, it is a usual state capitalism - with a racist tinge, if we take into account the speech about the "test", "quality" and "expanded reproduction" of the people, it epitomizes the "Pravda.Ru" .

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