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Village-2007: beyond politics and no party

August 21 2007

It's no secret that in many regions of the bulk of the electorate is concentrated in the agricultural sector. It would seem that political parties are obliged in his campaign to pay attention to is the village. However, studies have revealed the expert community of sociologists and the leaders of most parties is very sad picture.

Take, for example, the Agrarian Party, has consistently promised before each election fight to the death for the interests of the native peasants. It would seem, the zeal with which the leaders of the APD from one year to go on about the collapse of agriculture, and innumerable woes plaguing him, (though not offering virtually nothing is real, that could help change the situation) have long had to find a response in the countryside. But it looks like an ungrateful country, reveling in their "kulak" worries them and not hear. Anyway, according to a recent survey of Public Opinion Fund, Rural Agrarian Party of Russia can expect at best a 3% of the vote in December's Duma elections.

Well, the Union of Right Forces - the heir of those movements and associations, thanks to the tireless work that from Russian farmers, ranchers, poultry farmers, vegetable growers, lnovodov etc. simultaneously and everywhere from the collective farm was a yoke, and they all become free, but very poor farmers and the whole co-operative property was stolen brisk urban guys in red jackets! Where is the respect, where a large agricultural "thank you" for the right PCA hunchbacked uncle, a stranger, for the opportunity to sell farm produce for pennies semi-criminal middlemen? Not even a hint at the gratitude. FOM, estimating the rural electoral chances of the ATP record for the Union of Right Forces "naked" zero.

"Apple"! After all, it is the peasants did not forget. Mentioned in each policy document. And the name of the party almost a "farm". But the subtle, intelligent Yabloko failed to break into the hardened soul peyzan. The Foundation promises to the party in the village pathetic 1%.

But there is still the Liberal Democratic Party, whose leader in the heat and scale so similar to the leader of peasant revolt! Estimates of its cutting, the proposed solutions are straight. Oh, he's got to be clear and close in spirit to the village. But the Liberal Democrats, judging from the "public opinion" among the fields and gardens, too, catching nothing. FOM register for the LDPR 3% of potential votes.

A Just Russia! Party for the wronged and the oppressed, which all ready to comfort and warmed in his bosom, Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov. Does she not find in the countryside supporters and associates who wish to suffer for the case of Sergei Mikhailovich? Silent, however, the village. Only 4% of its voters were able to understand what the essence of "equitable" cases and some of it, they may be fat.

Hence, all hope for the Communist Party? So in this of a party life of the village know the details. How many brave explorers Communist dissected and studied it using tools such as requisitioning and tax in kind, gosdacha grain sowing and harvest on the command from the District Committee. But the Communist Party was unable to find an approach to the modern village and won it "honorable" but not a very impressive 8%.

Perhaps the best situation for United Russia. She can already count on 39% of the votes of rural voters. How much you can trust that a high enough percentage? According to sociologists, the support is quite real. Indeed, during the survey, in contrast to most procedures for the election to write off all the notorious administrative resource, which like to talk about the opposition, is impossible.

But numerous other parties in the report of the Fund are not mentioned.We must assume that the village does not even suggest that they exist, writes "Politgeksogen" .

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