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In Ukraine, the science develops hatred for the Russian Federation

September 9 2008

Official historical science in Ukraine, which is under total political control of the president, Viktor Yushchenko, as the science develops hatred for Russia, told RIA Novosti news agency and a State Duma deputy Sergei Markov, a political scientist at the conference "The Second World War: attempts to revise the results, which takes place in Paris Monday.

Official Ukrainian science, which is under total political control of the president, Viktor Yushchenko, as the science develops hatred for Russia, "- said Markov. According to him, "participants are fighting against the falsification of history, against the attempts of the current Ukrainian authorities to present the history of Ukraine as a history of hostility in Ukraine and Russia." Based on this, said the Russian deputy, at a conference Ukrainian historians have called the European public to avoid unilateral interpretations of history which deals with President Yushchenko. " According to Markov, the conference in Paris is the second in a series of conferences that take place around the world. "The first, most important, was held in Kiev", - said deputy spokesman.

The political scientist noted that the approach to history as "hate science" is fraught with the split in Ukrainian society until the Civil War, and even war with Russia. "Just as in Georgia, first developed the science of history of hatred toward Russia, then on the basis of this ideology of hatred have prepared the Georgian soldiers and officers that they were happy to shoot a Russian. And then the war started. In fact, we support these conferences against the war Russia and Ukraine, which are ready and willing. After Viktor Yushchenko understands that Ukraine's independence as primarily independence from Russia, "- a spokesman said. He noted that the conference "is sharp and politically relevant, despite its scientific nature. "They say our Ukrainian colleagues (scientists, historians), during a visit several days ago in Kiev, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney gave Yushchenko a carte blanche for the force options," - said Markov.

He also said that "scientists have come to Paris to cry out to the French, all the Europeans:" Stop Yushchenko! He is plunging the country into civil war, realizing the power option! "." They (scientists) want to be heard by the EU ", - said the Russian deputy. Markoff said that in his opinion," now in Europe, no one thinks that the "orange revolution" - this really a breakthrough of democracy. "" But historians want to show who is the darling of Yushchenko in history: Nazi officer (banderovets) Shukhevych, to whom he gave the title Hero of Ukraine. Yushchenko does not unite the people of Ukraine in the civilian world ... and breaks it, which can lead to unpredictable civil strife and even civil war ", - warned Markov.

Conference participants adopted the final appeal to the President of Ukraine. "Particularly alarming tendency to consider Ukrainian history in isolation from Russia, from a common historical destiny of the two peoples are closely intertwined and interdependent over the millennia. Deny the obvious: the emergence of the Ukrainian nation occurred in the struggle between two historical trends, of which one - focus on Russia - and won led to the emergence of an independent Ukrainian state within its present borders. Any attempt to revise the common history of the two states lead to the stimulation of revanchist, summarize the ideological basis for the idea of revising the present borders of Ukraine "- said the final statement of historians. Markov said that he "tried not to let the first conference held in Kiev." "But I took part in it - with the help of RIA Novosti we went out live on TV bridge for three hours" - said the deputy.

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