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Oleg Shenin: "the Communist Party took away from those ideas that are bequeathed to us the great Lenin and Stalin, the great"

November 8 2007

November 7 the Russian Communist Party festive march and rally celebrating the 90 anniversary of October revolution, turning the anniversary of the Great October Revolution "a powerful advocacy, serving major contribution during the ongoing election campaign.

Meanwhile, many Communists believe that the current leadership of the Communist Party is very far removed from the ideas of Lenin and Stalin, while agreeing with the right to private property, and the privatization of enterprises, and the collapse of the Soviet Union, and with defending the interests of oligarchic structures.

About what it means for Russia holiday of the Great October Revolution, as well as the ideology of the modern Communist Party leader told PCI-CPSU Oleg Shenin:

- It is a great holiday, I also agree with this. 90 th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution - a huge event, and I think that humanity, for all his lifetime, perhaps, nothing more has not been great, because after all born under the present national government. Celebrate it everywhere: in our country and abroad, and we, as the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, it is also celebrating.

We have the day before yesterday (11/05/2007) was a solemn assembly in one of the cinemas. Yesterday (6/11/2007), we laid a wreath at the mausoleum of VI Lenin, and now we have to Avtozavodskaya meeting at 14 o'clock, on the 90 th anniversary of the October Revolution. But I think what makes the leadership of the Communist Party, it really has less to do with the commitment to the idea of the Great October Revolution and the general ideas of the revolution. If the manager says that the limit of the revolution has been exhausted, then it is what do to celebrate the Great October Socialist Revolution?

And anyway, I think they mean the leadership is very far removed from those ideas, which bequeathed to us the great Lenin and the great Stalin. And even removed from his party card slogan "Workers of all countries, unite!" And practically everywhere have built since 1993 in the now existing regime and scream that this mode the anti-people. What are you doing in this anti-people regime, why userdstvuete in this so-called federal reforms and in everything else?

Sit and just be extras, and to vote "against" - it does not mean that you can not bear responsibility for what is happening in the state. Its representatives are in the Duma, and in the regions in the legislative assemblies and councils, where they still remain, their representatives are in leadership positions of executive power. Therefore, I believe that everything is negative, and it's even hard just to list, is because eventually the country, despite all the bravura statement, roll down the slope and flies into a pit, that it is unlikely for such a guide and this mode you can pull it off.

These things are called by modern notions of public relations. I think that the leadership of the Communist Party away from all these ideas and it seems to me that others must meet __ and promoting these ideas. And are working to implement these ideas and no matter how difficult.

- The Communists, saying today that the Soviet Union, at the time did not oppose the Bialowieza agreement.

- Not only did not oppose the Bialowieza agreement, there were almost 87% of the Congress of People's Deputies, when they voted for the sovereignty of Russia. And what is Russia's sovereignty? From whom, from the Soviet Union? Recently, in Minsk hosted international meeting of communist and workers parties, again all under the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has organized the election. We participated in it as observers, as it is connected with the elections, and did not sign the declaration.

We signed the documents in support of the Democratic People's Republic, in support of Cuba.But the declaration did not sign because there is no single word about what we need to re-create the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. I think that this party leadership, the so-called communists, have long gone to a social democracy, and even more than social democracy.

- This part is not quite decently?

- The thing is that since the election of another organization that calls itself communist, no, and the CP said about a 21 st century socialism - it's all bullshit. "Mayak" I've heard all sorts of election campaign materials, and Mironov said: market economy and social justice - this is the 21 st century socialism. But the market economy and socialism never has been, under socialism always planned economy, in general socialist relations of production, based not on private property, but on the whole people, the state.

All this talk and talk. But when a person comes to vote and sees that it is the Communist Party, he is not familiar with the details as to where the leadership, what it does, what the book says, what ideas are promoted, and what ideas they have in mind. You can say one thing and doing another, but to think the third, as sometimes obtained. So I think it's still a party which both communist organization, goes to the finish. Living someone else's past.

- The thesis of the Bolsheviks about atheism and modern relationship with the church ...

- This does not relate, because on the one hand, I think that the Communists wasted attribute that supposedly had some sverhgoneniya the church. If we take the moral code of the builder of communism, it largely coincides with the canons of orthodoxy. Attitude has always been this: there are believers who are not believers. But non-believers - is also the faith, because the man in something believe: in communism, liberal values, or even in some values.

But to go and take an active part in all these councils and similar events held by the church - nothing to do with a communist ideas is not. Moreover, despite the fact that the separation of church and state, now she climbs in all state affairs and largely controls the processes occurring. After all, who, if not them, it would be necessary now to raise howl about the fact that 5 million homeless children would be better if they were to do it. A huge number of poor people, poverty, crushed the country - this is what the church would need to be addressed.

And the Communists have to do the same, it would be much more useful than, together with the clergy to walk and swing a censer, and be baptized. Although they recorded in their documents that they may have in the party and the believers and unbelievers, but then I do not see any problems, because people have a right to believe in any values, including the socialist , no problem. But the leadership has openly show their connection, affection and attend any event, I think it does not tally with the fact that it is the Communist Party leadership.

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