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The spy scandal in Ukraine: Zhirinovsky exposed CIA agent

June 8 2006

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, in an interview with the Fifth channel, "commented the decision of the Ukrainian authorities to declare him persona nan grata in Ukraine.

"I am a free citizen of a free Russia. And to you I came at the invitation of your channel. If you do not like my views, what the hell are you inviting me. I am just like I am. I am so the whole world knows. Calling, I'll come make a statement. Do not call me, never come. I invite all countries of the world. Everywhere name and pay money for my arrival. And you free of charge, on a freebie called me and even insult me. Call persona non grata, - said Russian parliamentarian. - Nowhere the world has ever deputy foreign parliament did not declare persona non grata for his beliefs. " "My statements on all countries alike. I chehvoschu America every day, every hour. But no one ever in the United States did not raise the question of whether to declare me persona non grata. The U.S. Congress decided in the 69th year, the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, that is, the dismemberment of our country with you, but never a U.S. deputy no way in the Soviet Union did not close. Therefore, the decision was made for the first time in the history of international practice ", - said Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

According to the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, he is satisfied with Ukrainian officials merry life, forcing them to lift themselves as it is illegal decision, bring a deep apology and compensation. Vladimir Volfovch promised that it will happen in 2008, when Russia will have a new president.

One of the claims, which presented Zhirinovsky, was his vyskazvanie of Deputy Foreign Minister Volodymyr Buteyko, who was the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party has called a spy by the CIA. "Is not this a crime? - Surprised Vladimir Zhirinovsky. - What do you want, send a letter from the CIA. I'm going to America. I will bring help when he hooked what his nickname was, what his job. Is it a crime to tell the truth about man? offense if I called him a fool, a drug addict, alcoholic. And the fact that a person cooperating with the CIA ... the CIA cooperated with everyone. This is a good organization. In many countries of the world leaders are the direct agents of the United States. The President of Afghanistan except to be offended that he is a puppet of the United States.

In turn, the counter question on Ukrainian television presenter prinadalezhnosti Mr. Zhirinovsky to rezvedovatelnoy organization, Vladimir Zhirinovsky naturally outraged. "Agent of the Russian Orthodox and Ukrainian people. -" He said. - By the way, do not forget, in the city Kostopol Rivne region lie the bones of my grandfather, grandmother, uncle, his wife, my two nephews were killed by German Nazis. Murdered by those who are now in some Ukrainian authorities. I am the leader of the opposition party. We, the Liberal Democratic Party, established during the Soviet Union in 1989 under Gorbachev. Then there was Boris Yeltsin. Now - Putin. And never with any of them, nor with the KGB, with any structure in the Liberal Democratic Party and I have personally never any ties were not. No one I ever pay nothing. Do not give me one request something to sound. I'm saying this to you all, all of humanity, as I think it necessary ", - underlined Zhirinovsky.

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