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Human rights activists have accused Limonov of fascism

June 7 2006

Moscow Bureau for Human Rights calls upon the Russian law enforcement agencies to evaluate the statements of the leader of the National Bolshevik Party of Eduard Limonov to identify in them signs of incitement to ethnic hatred.

Human rights activists are concerned that the NBP, promoting social justice, the establishment of a parliamentary republic and other democratic values, continues to articulate a radical nationalistic views. Eduard Limonov, head of the NBP as a long-known for his views of national-socialist nature. The program documents the party call for the violent overthrow of the existing state system and the formation of "total" state based on the rule of the Russian nation, "- said the site , supported by the Federation Jewish Communities of Russia (FJC).

In their speeches, Limonov often allow statements, insulting the national dignity of citizens, such as "... to establish the rule RUSSIAN IN RUSSIA - win our living space from the arrogant" black "and" yellow "occupiers ..." - excerpt from "Short Course of the NBP with the site "NBP for those 16 and younger." Limonov openly admits in his ideological sympathies: "Let you inspire historical examples: the history of the Bolshevik Party, the history of Italian fascists, the German National Socialists. They were able to, can we." Moskovsky Komsomolets, 15.02.2005).

The list of examples, Limonov elected for a political role model, speaks for itself: "Ideology is a number chosen by us as a beacon of heroes of the 20 th century ... Our ideology - a fury of Che and the Red Brigades, a sharp wisdom of Lenin, Mussolini, elegant madness, buying masculinity SS , expressive passion KGB, snorkel and boots of Stalin, his pince-nez Comrade Beria, mysticism, Baron Unger .... " Bulletin of the NBP-Info № 1.

In addition, Limonov provokes aggression and ethnic hatred among juvenile boys and girls and, moreover, endangers their lives (for the latter shows a popular slogan NBP - "Yes, death!"). Brutally sound excerpts from the "Short Course NBP" from site "NBP for those 16 and younger:" Comrades, the 16-year-You thought that the NBP - an organization of young people aged 20 years? "No, it is not. In our while high school students are increasingly concerned about the problems the country and nation ... Modern eReFiya in which Jews rule the oligarchs and gangsters-Caucasians, in which the head of the country sells the national territory, their own nation, or The Other Russia, a mighty Eurasian power, as it was before the collapse in 1991. During the civil war 16 years in command of the red bands, and they were able to overcome the White generals. In the fight not the main tactic, most importantly the desire to win and strength of spirit. National-Bolshevik Party - the party of young revolutionaries, romantic, brave fighters for the motherland. It is the young have always been the main force of the red revolution. Or do we, or anyone. If you're 16 years old, and you want to help the motherland, do not wait, help! ".

Moscow Bureau for Human Rights also notes that deserves public condemnation and the position of a number of media, for example, a popular edition of GQ magazine and others, provides the platform leader NBP to promote their radical views, triggers a societal violence, cruelty, ethnic strife and enmity.

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