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Yushchenko Saakashvili supplied weapons

October 2 2008

Supplies to Ukraine Georgian armed weapon for fighting against South Ossetia and Russia carried out on behalf of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko to the detriment of the country's defense, the article said the newspaper "Izvestia" published in the issue for Thursday. Among the unique documents at the disposal of the journalists, is compiled by the Commission of the Verkhovna Rada a complete list of equipment which was placed Tbilisi over the past ten years, RIA Novosti reported.

"The News" reported that even a cursory analysis of this list is enough to understand that Saakashvili was interested primarily offensive weapons. "If Ukraine had supplied Georgia pistols, rifles, and training aircraft, in 2004-2005 - tanks, helicopters and artillery systems. More and more major emphasis is on the offensive weapons. In 2007, Georgia sold six anti-aircraft missile systems Buk-M1, 48, managed anti-aircraft missiles, 200 MANPADS Strela and Igla, T-72 tanks. In 2008 - Battle-ins "Squall" and multiple rocket launchers "Grad", which Georgian forces on August 8 have tried to raze to land the capital of South Ossetia "- the newspaper said.

Among the documents of the parliamentary committee of the Verkhovna Rada, caught in the disposal of Izvestia, a memo CEO Ukrspetsexport Sergei Bondarchuk, written Sept. 30, 2005, which proves that the trade was carried out under the direct supervision of Mr. Yushchenko.

According to journalists, in a memo it comes to selling goods of Division anti-aircraft missile system (ADMS), Buk-M1 "by which, in August over South Ossetia had been shot down Russian military aircraft. "In the battle of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are 15 divisions of the Buk-M1, they have to provide cover for the defined list of essential public facilities. Decommissioned duty battalion air defense system would weaken the anti-readiness forces to cover up these facilities," - the newspaper text of the note, indicating that such a move does not mean that other, as the weakening national defense.

As follows from the document, Yushchenko put his resolution to start the implementation of the complex procedures required to transfer SAM Buk-M1 "Georgia after just three days after receiving the note, and by August, 2008 Ukraine delivered a total of 7 divisions, which is almost half of those that she had. "Thus, all arms supplies to Georgia were carried out not only with the knowledge, but also on the direct instructions of Viktor Yushchenko. He certainly knew about the impending Mikhail Saakashvili's military aggression - evidenced by the extent of supplies and equipment. And not only knew but also supported, in fact, made Ukraine's ally Georgia's aggression against South Ossetia as an inevitable consequence, against Russia.

Now there is a documented reason to consider Yushchenko's partner of the Georgian president in the organization of genocide Ossetian people ", - states" Izvestia. "Journalists noted that, according to deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, it may cause impeachment." Complexes "Buk-M1 were removed from combat duty, and the 223rd Missile Regiment was simply unfit for action. It turns out that we are at the expense of its combat readiness arming the aggressor in the Caucasus ", - commented on" News "a situation the head of the commission of the Verkhovna Rada to investigate questions about the arms Valery Konovalyuk.

In addition, he said, arms were supplied to Georgia at reduced prices, depriving the Ukrainian budget tens of millions of dollars."In general, Ukraine has become a major supplier of contraband weapons, this trade takes place under the guise of the President. For example, according to our information, the ship Faina seized by pirates in Somalia right now, there is a contraband cargo of weapons. In addition, there is evidence that the Armed which is stated on this ship - and it tanks, combat vehicles, anti-aircraft guns - was sent to Southern Sudan, which is now under strict UN sanctions ", - told the newspaper Konovalyuk.

He believes that will soon be opening "and other facts." "The recent fire at the armories of the Kharkiv region is designed to hide the facts of contraband trade. I think there are important preconditions to in the near future the question of impeachment of the president was on the agenda of the Ukrainian parliament," - said, "Izvestia" head of the commission.

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