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Fight Club on the Internet organized politically savvy users

April 26 2006

On the street the birds are singing, spring is increasingly comes into its own, and tireless conqueror online space continue to lead the virtual (and not only) fights on the sidelines of the Living magazine.

Slap in the face century

April 15 was ten years old ever-memorable event - the attack on the person of ex-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev Sergeechu in Omsk, which has caused the local unemployed. LJ user fragments in the rights of direct witness the historic moment recalls the details of what happened. "His speech was planned in Omsk Public Policy Center. It was still a time when the public crowds went to the performances of visiting politicians. So here goes Gorby of the car and wade through the crowd, and then meet him down a certain MICHAEL Malyuk. Wordlessly He weighed a slap to ex-president. Gorbachev suffered assault in silence, but offended, abolished in Omsk all meetings and presentations. In another region of his bald head obharkala old, aiming to spitting distance. There were other incidents, however, Omsk roared loudest. Scandal used to remove the director polittsentra and replace it with a relative vice-governor. A Maliukova sent to a mental institution "- the author writes.

And another bit of history. SPS prepares noisily celebrate the memorable date. "As you know, dear Friend, the entire country in unison notes the centenary of Russian parliamentarism" - baffle my friends SPS leader Nikita Belykh , and then announced plans for the party. "We decided to hold an interregional project - tasked our offices to work on figuring out who was elected a hundred years ago on their territories, and given that the majority in the Duma had cadets to try to understand why, then voted for the Democrats, but now not," - said the White .

But another leader, the Democratic Party of Russia, Andrei Bogdanov, doubts about the viability of the PCA. Taking the data on the results of questioning of party members, Bogdanov said that the PCA is not 50,000 members of the party! "It turns out, according to official data of ATP and ATP-mail Russia have 43,231 members, where are watching the Fed and the RF Gen. Procuracy of the Russian Federation. Enough lighten up when a soul is nothing!" Only love can save the government from closing the ATP by the court: If the ATP does not shut down then they swear the President! "Prove the converse, Jude!"

School young saboteur

Safety lessons taught his followers NBP spokesman Alexander Averin . "On Tuesday, April 25, Krasnoyarsk failed provocation against the leader of the Krasnoyarsk National Bolsheviks Andrew Skovorodnikov. Last Monday Skovorodnikov phoned a former member of the NBP and asked for an urgent meeting by appointing her on April 25. Andrew came to the meeting, taking with him to insure two NBP . A former member of the NBP was the outright solicit Skovorodnikov get him grass. Andrew reacted the way and should natsbol in such a situation - stabbed provocateur in his deceitful face. Immediately surrounding space is filled with men in uniform, headed directly to the two major ranks of Krasnoyarsk ATC - Head of MOBA Sergei Suvorov and Criminal Police Jury Kinzel. Skovorodnikov and came with him the National Bolsheviks were arrested, but after the intervention of representatives of the focal alliance leftist Krasnoyarye - RPSK, all the detainees were released. nazbols, be prepared to resist provocation!Firstly, it is impossible for them to give the slightest provocation. Secondly, in the case of threats to the FSB or OCD anything you throw up, immediately make a statement to the press and human rights defenders and give it to Moscow! If you are unexpectedly delayed, do not remove anything from the pockets of themselves - you may have thrown a plastic bag with a prohibited substance, but so far it does not have your fingerprints - it could collapse. If you have found in his apartment tossed illegal substances - instantly get rid of them and immediately report the incident to the media "- wrote Averin.


Darya Mitina talks about his involvement in the shooting of "Judge." Subject transmission was associated with the centenary of the Russian Duma and sounded like "What's better for Russia - the Soviet system or democracy?" VIP guests from admirers of the Soviets were the two leaders of Duma factions - Gennady Zyuganov (KPRF) and Alexander Babakov ("Motherland"), Nina Andreeva (CCBP) Prokhanov (the newspaper of "Tomorrow") and herself Daria Mitin (Komsomol). Here's what she said: "We can say that the program was broken, and would not be surprised if on Thursday it will not show ... The start was traditionally boring: the Zyuganov traditionally traversed, it is traditionally otgavkivalsya and nothing presaged trouble ... But the actual item. u started when Max had the imprudence to call to the podium unbending secretary general CCBP - she raised such a high that during the remaining 50 minutes of no one, including lead, was unable to insert a word. erysipelas Max had to be seen - in fact he especially do not drink, but after so successful evening, I suppose, from the soul get drunk vodka. Zyuganov amused. Before recording, we had crossed the room for VIP guests ... Last year 6.7 we demonstratively with each other not greeted at saw me he just distort face was covered with hives and the expression was as though he chewed izvalyanny in the feces of a lemon. I suppose my face did not concede - though we are members of the political environment, and to mask their feelings, neither he nor I can do. Today He approached a friendly hello, patted me on the shoulder and asked how things were going, asked several questions on current our affairs, which he, as it turns out, is aware, in general - a surprise, what can I say .... Milo so communicated, during the recording of each other ... slapped once again proves that Zyuganov - no LJ-user "


National-patriotic part of Internet users is seriously concerned about a series of attacks on its members. A few days ago near his home had been beaten by one of the leaders of the "National Union" Anton Ermolaev . "It turns out that attacked me directly at my house ... who - it is not clear. Standard" give a light! and you cho - an athlete? "was not. knocked down, then blow to the temple (hematoma already on the floor face). attempts" obshmonat "was not (the money left with me), snatch the bag, too, have not tried ... janitor came out of the door, apparently startled the assailants, but she, according to the mother, helped me get to the apartment and found the morning fell from his pocket a passport. something like this. strange it all! "- says Ataman.

And the other day and happened to another attack - this time at a community moderator "National Union", the President of the Independent National Creative Corporation (NNTK) Dmitry Ogneeva . "Yesterday when I got home from work I had committed a treacherous attack from the back.Unknown knocked me one big hit, and then apparently struck several blows to the head, resulting in my skull has undergone some strain. None of the valuables and money taken was not, which confirms the version of the political motivation of the attack. We have reason to believe that an attack on me was carried out by militants MDAD "Our" or "Slavic Union" D. Demushkina, whose members have repeatedly threatened me. The police did not apply - will still look for one will not. Movement National Union contends that it is ready to give a powerful organized resistance waged against us, terror, natural under the Criminal Code. Fascism must be stopped! "- He writes.

By LJ accounts flew Elena Boyko

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