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Vladimir Ryzhkov, a homophobe. West is in shock

March 24 2006

This scandal, which could easily escalate into an international that happened at a joint press conference leader of the Union of Right Forces leader Nikita White and the Republican Party of Russia Vladimir Ryzhkov in the metropolitan office of Interfax.

She was devoted to the results of the visit of the White and Ryzhkov in the presidential election in Belarus, where we recall that a convincing and do not doubt the serious people won by President Alexander Lukashenko. For the candidate of the "united opposition" druzhbana and drinking companion of Alexander Milinkevich, the Russian liberals voted only 6 percent. Milinkevich, of course, does not calm down, and tries to deploy it is clear on what shishi in Minsk "blue revolution, though not very successfully.

In Moscow, the White Ryzhkov and leveraged platform to Interfax, to once again voice identified by them with not quite sober eyes "terrible fraud on the part of Europe's last dictator." Well, all white with Ryzhkov is not so, it's not that way. I do not know what to write - not happy that many Belarusians vote early, although there were no violations in this case is not revealed. Then complained that the electoral commission included representatives of one company, which again corresponds to the Belarusian law. However, soulful guy, Vladimir Ryzhkov, then with emotion began to tell that to the commission on that site, where he observed, "were among electricians, which it very warmly received - and taking pictures, and autographs were taken, and apparently fed-fed till you drop.

Despite a warm reception (as seen from LJ White, he during his stay in Minsk all the time went with a red nose), Russian liberals have threatened to prepare clear who want an "official statement" on the Belarusian election. In anticipation of the autumn elections in the Russian regions and the White Ryzhkov promised soon to merge in ecstasy - not in bed, of course, but in political terms. And the fight, as stated by Ryzhkov of genuine democracy and the values of civil society.

After such a declaration got a Honorable man, who looked clearly the father of a numerous family, and said that as a man of the liberal mindset, can not ask a question of the relation of Russian rights to the gay parade in Moscow. He had just arrived from Minsk, attended the October Square, where young activists handed out for everyone brought, they said, Nikita White taxi Russian magazine "Queer", dedicated to the famous gay masterpiece "Brokeback Mountain", from which baldeyut liberals and human rights the entire civilized world. A citizen asked White and Ryzhkov clearly say whether they support personally as well as the Union of Right Forces and the Republican Party of Russia, Moscow gay pride parade. Despite the chuckles from the homophobes to Kommersant, "Echo of Moscow" and some other media, high-spirited citizen, said: "We are Vanessa Redgrave, which was recently moaning politsvintus such as Satarov a chuckle Ludmilla Alexeeva is not funny, since we are talking about fundamental things modern liberalism. " Recall that Vanessa Redgrave - is not only a great actress, but internationally known human rights activist with impeccable credibility.

What the Lord answered Ryzhkov and White? Ryzhkov immediately signed for his homophobia, and at the same time insulting Vanessa Redgrave, "surrendered to you this Vanessa Redgrave! As for gay pride and gay men fighting for their rights, then we Nikita is absolutely not interested in the Russian and the right to do it will not. " White was in the habit bustling, demanding that the asker went out on gay pride parade, and the figures of ATP to it, maybe join.

tkrovenno homophobic statements Ryzhkov and hypocritical position White has provoked shock and the organizers of the Moscow gay pride parade, and those of genuine democrats and liberals, who, though not a sexual minority, but they believe that our rights must not lag behind the West in all things. In the near future they will report on homophobic outburst Vladimir Ryzhkov and poorly disguised homophobia Belykh Vanessa Redgrave, who immediately would raise a scandal to the Western sponsors of our liberals and human rights defenders seriously preoccupied by the question: "And so we give the loot?" Because of homophobia to fascism one step, and in this direction the Russian liberals.

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