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Since July 1, shall enter into force amendments to the Rules of the game of football

June 17 2005

On July 1, 2005, come into effect amendments to the Rules of the game of football, as approved by the meeting of the IFAB * February 26, 2005 In some of these costs in more detail.

The most radical additions undergone Rule 11 - for offside. " The new solution IFAB reads: "In determining offside position", the words "closer to the opponents 'goal line" means that any part of his head, torso or feet is nearer to the opponents' goal line than the ball and the opponent. Hands are not subject to this definition. " This amendment will require the utmost care assistant judges concentration during the game.

Explained and the provisions of Rule 11 on the active intervention of the judge's opinion, the player, which is fixed by an offside. Such, according to the decision IFAB are:

- Playing the ball or touching the ball in the transmission or touch his teammates;
- Obstructing an opponent to play the ball, or denial of the possibility to play the ball, obviously obscuring the visibility of the opponent, moving or making a gesture or movement which, in the opinion of the referee, deceive or distract an opponent;
- To receive the benefits of being in an offside position "if the ball rebounds to the player from the bar or the crossbar or opponent's goal.

Solutions IFAB now give the judge an opportunity to make disciplinary decisions match up to the teams leaving the field, ie even if the violation occurred after the final whistle.

Revised and Rule 15 - Throw the ball. Now it has completed the following paragraph: "All contestants must be at least 2 meters away from where the throw is made."

In addition, the passing is now in the Netherlands Junior Championships World Cup being tested IFAB new proposals concerning the Rules of the game. One of them provides for punishment of warning to any player of the team that committed the violation, which is deliberately touches the ball after the appointment or a free kick. This sanction can also be applied to the footballer, who touches the ball in the appointment of a throw or a corner kick into the opponent, and if the player takes the ball out of the gate grid after his team scored a goal (kick opponent does). "

These innovations, according to IFAB should put an end to unsportsmanlike tactics, in which the resumption of the game is delayed: for example, holding the ball for a few seconds, or dropping it to the side that allows you to protect up to their seats.
The Board gave FIFA permission to conduct experiments with new technology the ball - with stitched microchip, which will operate at a full ball crossing the goal line. This new product will be tested at the FIFA Club World Cup in Japan, the website of the Russian Premier League.

* IFAB - abbreviation of the English name of International Football Association Board, the working body, founded in 1866 by four British Federation of Football Association's initiative to standardize and harmonize the Rules of the game of football. He also owned and copyright to the text of the Regulations.

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