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An interesting week: student dropped 55 kg on the instructions of teachers

October 21 2011

This week there was a lot of interesting things. Hindu-survivor ran a marathon with a record. Cat "resurrected" after two of euthanasia. Americans eat cockroaches for free rides. A teenager took off 55 pounds on the instructions of the school. On this and many other topics in our current collection.

Australian schoolboy Kevin Huang originally interpreted homework teachers. Children were asked to choose a useful thing, which they could engage the entire school year, and upon completion report prepared on the work and results. Unlike his classmates, most of whom interpreted the "useful work" as a help to others, he decided to benefit himself. As part of a school project, Kevin decided to get rid of excess weight . To achieve this goal the first thing Kevin gave up fast food, has to lean on salads and eat food in small portions, informs " Amitel . " He then joined the gym, who attended three or four times a week. "The tangible results have been fighting excess weight, the firmer was my determination," - he admitted. Kevin now weighs 75 kilograms and feels happy and confident.

The real miracle happened with the cat named Andrea in West Valley City (Utah). She survived two attempts to slumber . An unusual case was reported in an animal shelter. The black cat was found by officers on the street nursery. When it was brought to a facility for homeless animals, none of the residents said no to a cat law. In the end it was decided to euthanize her, as is done in all cases of refusal or inability of animals to find their new home. Andrea, along with several other his fellows were sent to the gas chamber. Here are just a deep sleep, the procedure had no effect on the animal. Then the officer took her shelter again. Convinced that Andrea is not breathing, he put her body in the package, and then sent to the cooling chamber. Approximately 45 minutes after the cat was placed in the refrigerator, the center staff heard mewing notes . Then meow happened again, only louder. "Employees have printed the package and saw that there Andrea - frightened, with bulging eyes, and with all living things alive," - said the employee of the society for Animal Health, which is now temporarily settled Andrea. Now look for lucky owner.

Competition for the Madagascan cockroaches eating was at an amusement park in the U.S. state of Georgia. The winners of the promised annual subscriptions to the attractions. The unusual competition was held in the park Six Flags Over Georgia, said , "Rosbalt" . Participants in the contest are a few dozen people. They were asked to eat a hissing cockroach Madagascar, wrapped in a pancake. Optionally, you can choose the flavor was a filler for a cockroach - Mexican dressing or barbecue. Insects have been pre-tested for safety personnel departments of health, said, " . "

World record set in Canada, Indian Faudzha Singh. He became the first man in the world fullyreodolevshim marathon at the age of 100 years. Distance 42 kilometers 195 meters athlete overcame eight hours, finishing in last place. At the finish of his expected family members and friends who congratulated him on his achievement and wished to have a long life.

In the Astrakhan region in the exhibition of breeding animals at the weekend took camel rides . It is noteworthy that it is unusual for our country's competition was held for the sixth time. Watch the camel runs could be in the village of Three Protoka, said MTRK world . "The country is the only race on these animals. Camel - willful, obstinate beast and get it to run - a special skill rider. Especially camel weighs nearly a ton. But very interesting to watch, do not give horse riding," - wrote in his blog, the Governor of Alexander Zhilkin. Another unusual event - the international race solar-powered car - took place in Australia. 37 cars made in a futuristic design to cover the distance of three thousand miles - from the city of Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south. The marathon will take about a week, and the move to solar energy cars will be only during the day and at night they turn into electric vehicles.

Living in the American city of Sharon, in Wisconsin, chose a new mayor - a cat named Freddy. Normal everyday day begins with the mayor a hearty dinner, after him, Freddy meets his visitors and inspects city. And in the afternoon at the Mayor's meowing routine sleep.

Effect of stripping on the people is still unknown. Correct the situation took the British. Scientists have already received from the state 117 000 pounds to study the impact of strip dance on people's minds . Their study, as expected, should help the government representatives to become more competent in issuing licenses for the opening of strip clubs and similar places of entertainment, said In addition, authorities will be able to get a better idea of the clientele of such places.

Vegetable department of a supermarket in the city of Ketchikan, Alaska, and visited an unusual purchase - the brown bear. The incident occurred on Saturday, October 15, but local journalists began to report what had happened just now. Teddy bear, according to witnesses, made his way to the supermarket through the automatic doors, but somehow no one noticed how it happened. Once inside the building, the animal apparently panicked and decided to hide. Clumsy ran into the vegetable department , got to stand with food and started to walk on them, reports the first regional .

Another bear, this time a sweet tooth, raided the shop-delicatessen in Gatlinburg (Tennessee U.S.), reports the Mountain Press . Employee of the outlet Gvata Cyrus and Dorothy Robbins said that early in the morning came to work and went into the room through the back door. They immediately realized that the store was someone, because the floor was littered with candy wrappers, candy, pretzels in chocolate and other sweets.

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