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How to make Russian pop stars besides music?

July 5 2007

Artists, even when you're at the peak of its popularity, well aware that the age of the star is not long, and we need to look for alternative ways of earning. In addition to performances on stage and private banquets celebrities open their own business and advertise various products. Some stars are making progress on a new career, and someone's "cause" burns.

Irina Allegrova going in the near future to open its own network of branded confectionery Allegrof. The whole point is that the furnace and cakes - a long-standing hobby singer and she has a dozen different secret recipes. Irian A. laughs: "Just do not expect that I would bake cakes for low-calorie water. It will be very high-calorie cakes, but such that Yum. I myself try them, but only in limited numbers - a figure to watch out. "

Masha Rasputina recently sang at the opening of the waste processing plant in one of the Siberian towns. The festival organizers say: "At first the singer a little embarrassed specific event. She worried if she did not have to cut some ribbon in front of a bunch of garbage. But we assured her that it is a regular holiday. "

After his visit to the factory Rasputin thought, and not to do and whether it recycling.

Valery Meladze has long been engaged in business, is a member of the board of directors of a bank. "It's more of gymnastics for the brain. Not so long ago, he co-founded, co-owner of the club "Hard Rock Cafe" with Andrey Makarevich and Stas Namin. I'm just a boy compared to these large-scale businessmen. This is a great school skills to lead a joint business, which, incidentally, is we do not have too much time ", - says the singer.

Valeria business went bankrupt. Singer wanted to build in his hometown Atkarsk nominal Hotel and Casino, but the project turned out to be unprofitable, and the star has lost a lot of money to put into the "deal" with her husband Joseph Prigogine.

But Anna Semenovich decently earned on his own chest: a Moscow oligarch bought a bust of the former cast of "brilliant" for twenty thousand dollars. Singer wanted to know who should get it a treasure, but the buyer wished to remain anonymous.

Elena Berkova earn money in different ways: profit bring scandalous "strawberry" video, but in her own behalf Academy everybody can learn how to dance striptease. Recently earned erotic retiring from television: the title she modestly used its own initials "EB".

Singer Marina Klebnikov remembers that for a long time had the idea to open a coffee shop and spa salon called "A cup of coffee" in honor of his eponymous hit single, but the business did not go. "In order to do business, we must give up singing. I understood it, because your business has already tried to open, but the selection of staff - it's not mine. And in general - not interested. Maybe when otpoyu their ....

Bari Alibasov true workaholic, he is involved is very wide. By request of Gazprom, he shoots documentaries about science, engaged in photography, television, music, theater, and research in the field goal mind! "In 1964 I read a book by Shklovskii" Man, Mind, and Universe. " Earth to live 4 billion years, then deflate the sun, and we all somewhere else - says the famous showman. - Still doing the Internet. I have developed a unique design that allows for three minutes in automatic mode you can collect new videos, news, comments and stuff. "

Alla Pugacheva once tried to trade himself, but realized that the manager is useless and more experiment did not. Ten years ago, she tried at first to open a French restaurant and then released her perfume "Allah".Both the venture did not bring substantial gains prima donna. Then she bought a small factory in Krymsk producing chips under the brand name "AB", but the product is not in demand. The plant had to be sold by auction at a starting price.

Danilko (also known as Verka Serduchka) has moved in commerce. In Ukraine, the huge demand products under the brand name "Serdyuchkinprodukt": "Verkin oil", "Verkin mayonnaise" and "Verkin kvass with photo Serduchka on labels.

Perfume Dima Bilan made on the best factories in Paris, bought up like hot cakes, special demand is the flavor of Never let you go.

Joseph Kobzon - singer, member and writer of memoirs. Iosif Davidovich owned construction business in Sochi, as well as the distillery in North Ossetia.

Lev Leshchenko produces furniture in a factory in the Moscow suburb Kolchugino. Leo Valer'yanovich bought the company when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. Reports

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