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Scientists have found evidence of the existence of an ancient civilization

February 1 2008

The oldest pyramid of the world, found on the Kola Peninsula, confirm the existence of the legendary Hyperborea

Kola Peninsula may be ancestral home of one of the most ancient world civilizations. This is according to scientists who have committed a scientific expedition to the abandoned pyramids of the Russian North. According to them, the age of man-made structures is not less than 9000 years, which means the pyramid of the Kola Peninsula twice as old as Egyptian. Correspondent, LOOK interviewed members of the expedition.

The Kola Peninsula has recently become a mecca for explorers and hunters of scientific discoveries. Most scientists were interested in two mysterious eminence, near the numerous lakes of the peninsula. However, to bring the investigation to the end could not be anyone.

"The first conductor said that after our" tour "he will have problems with their ancestors, and then suddenly disappeared without a trace"

The latest attempt to unravel the mysteries of the Russian North has made in the past year, the Russian expedition, consisting of historians, astronomers, geologists and filmmakers.

The organizers of the expedition became a journalist, the creators of documentary films from the series "GipoTeza" coming out on the channel "Culture". But, as acknowledged by the authors themselves, a film about the Kola Peninsula was held in a different format.

"We were going to do an interview with Vladimir Demin, owns perhaps the largest contribution to the solution of the puzzle" - said the newspaper VIEW producer and one of the sponsors of the project Alexander Volkov.

Renowned scholar, a Ph.D. and author of 10 scientific and popular works, Vladimir Demin in 1997 made a second expedition in the history of the Kola Peninsula.

The first attempt was done long before him, in 1921 under the guidance of professor, head of the Laboratory neyroenergetiki All-Union Institute of Experimental Medicine, Alexandra Barchenko. "Sponsor" unusual for its time, the campaign became the OGPU, therefore, not surprising that the designs were kept secret.

Demin, made another attempt at the end of the century, could the first time to tell the public that for years remained a mystery, particularly about the mysterious objects that are of anthropogenic origin, but could not. A scientist returning from the trip, suddenly died.

"We missed just two weeks - continued Wolf. - Archives Demin been dismantled with the help of his widow, and then decided that his case should be completed, and organized their own, the third expedition. "

Participants in the new "campaign for the history of the" steel 18 people, among them - press-secretary of Pulkovo Observatory, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Sergei Smirnov, a professor at the Academy of Natural Sciences Valery Chudinov, as well as Professor, Doctor of Geological and Geographical Sciences Dmitry Subetto.

"For many of these people the expedition was a great opportunity to become pioneers in their field - said the author of the project. - For example, for Valery Chudinov, stunning expert on ancient Slavic alphabet, it was the first chance to see the letters in person, do not read them with photos, with first-hand. "

Nevertheless, the way members of the expedition team was more dangerous than they anticipated. First, the group was not lucky with the conductors. "Local residents, falls, are reluctant to show you the way - says the producer. - The first conductor said that after our "tour" he will have problems with their ancestors, and then suddenly disappeared.. In the end we had to look for a new Ranger. "

Conductor in this area is very important. Place where the pyramid is almost deserted, with 150 km around there is no soul, no path. Not find themselves without a guide and structure: they are overgrown with moss, lichen and small shrubs.

"We flew by helicopter to the pyramids, but above them can not be seen due to vegetation, they merge with the general landscape," - says Wolf.

The second difficulty was associated with a helicopter. According to the producer, in these places often inexplicable things happen. Thus, the participants of the second expedition led by Demina nearly crashed during landing and survived only thanks to the skill of the pilots.

"Our military helicopter planted much earlier: it seems that over the pyramids at low altitude would have to fly Air Force planes - said Wolf. - It was a miracle we managed to slip through the air corridor, when he finally opened a short while. "

But worth the wait. Miracle, which the researchers have seen surpassed their expectations.

"The expedition, we took a special device, the most advanced geophysical equipment - ground penetrating radar" eye "- continued Wolf. - It "shines" the inner space of any objects such as X-rays. Conclusion of geologists was unequivocal: the elevation are anthropogenic in nature, hence it is not natural hills, and the pyramids - the creation of human hands. "

Scientists discovered that the pyramids are clearly in the direction of east - west. Moreover, they have rebuilt three times: the ancient people constantly build on their height.

According to the functional purpose of the pyramid - it's exactly the observatory to track the stars. Fairly simple method was a system by which our ancestors were fixed and studied the changes in galactic cosmos. In addition, the pyramid is shaped like the legendary Mount Meru, the Axis of Peace ", which under various names mentioned in various mythologies and religions of the world.

"Tests have shown that the pyramids at least 9000 years, which means that the culture of the pyramids came from the North, - concluded the expedition member. - So for our country is a story that has its roots in antiquity of a great power. "

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