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In the gallery on Clean Ponds will host an exhibition of Vladimir Tryamkina

February 5 2009

Generation of nonconformist artists sometimes called generation of "Les Miserables". Vladimir Tryamkin - precisely because of this generation. Cornwall beyond ideological intransigence have identified the unique features of these creative artists, just nonconformists have opportunities for themselves and others to freely exercise their creative ambitions. In the gallery on Clean Ponds opens an exhibition of Vladimir Tryamkina "Catcher images" - a good excuse to get acquainted with the artist.

In 1991, Germany is hosting an international exhibition "Kunst. Europa", in which Vladimir Tryamkin participate along with representatives of domestic conceptual art Igor Kabakov, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Dmitry Vrubel, Dmitry Prigov, Volokhov. This exhibition is a serious concern to the informal support of Russian art in Europe and Tryamkin, like many other artists have received commissions and the opportunity to travel and work abroad. This trip is to a large extent influenced the future creative plans for the artist. Creativity V. Tryamkina - a kind of laboratory in which he is constantly experimenting. Since the creation of their own conceptual philosophy of art, it also puts the experiments on the material used in the paper, composition, light and color

Creating their own conceptual philosophy of art, he first of all seek their own way to form the concept of "art", to investigate the conditions of aesthetic perception and special nature of the functioning of a work of art. Painting Tryamkina improvisational and expressive.

In addition to painting Tryamkin creates objects, structures that are different from all the artistic and the practical world of things vneemotsionalnoy expression. The artist uses a "specific structures and modules, thereby completely away from the illusory space of painting, even abstract. This kind of potential output through abstraction minimalism in three-dimensional space, the game geometric shapes and objects. It expands the understanding of painting and sculpture, taking them out of the restrictive framework of the endless field of reality.
Each painting artist hits the viewer in some cosmic light, which seemed to come from his works. This effect is the copyright of the invention. Tryamkin covers all the pictures secret composition titled "ganozis, of which he learned while studying in the studio TV Khvostenko, known for his research in the picturesque technologies. His unconventional approach can also be seen in the choice of material. He loves and feels the material, which works using to create their works of unusual tools: sand, dry plant, paint, dissolved in turpentine, and various kinds of fabric, metal, wood, plumbing and automotive parts. The artist is constantly surprised by its innovative approach perception of the world, the original filing portrayed them things.

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