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Revolution in the art will make the world economic crisis

April 21 2008

The global economic crisis will lead to radical changes in art throughout the world. In place of antisocial popular culture will come new directions to meet the inevitable changes in social psychology, according to the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO).

According to experts of the institute, the change of major cycles of the world economy has a decisive influence on the development of art and public relations. To launch the global crisis will lead to a significant change in people's minds and encourage them to seek not only political, but aesthetic responses to the issues of modern development.

The global economic crisis has opened after a series of falls in stock markets that occurred between January and March this year. Was deeply affected the U.S. economy, liquidity problems have begun to experience the banks of many countries. Increased inflation, increased problems with sales of many products. "Initiate a global crisis is not just a crisis of overproduction, and marks a shift of a large loop in the development of world economy.

Ends with a wave and a brand new ", - said Boris Kagarlitsky, director of IGSO. The former way of exploitation periphery lost effectiveness, becoming a brake on development. The world economy needs a qualitative change.

Previous world economy experienced a turning point after the system crisis 1968-1973 period. This period was marked not only rebuild the entire global economic system, but also qualitative changes in the arts. There are new radical subculture that arose punk-rock that influenced the creation of modern popular music.

In the movie, the 1970's there was a shift from entertainment heroics and melodrama to social film, which highlights the acuteness of social contradictions. The Cultural Revolution swept even the game actors. The economic crises of 1968, 1973, and 1978 and 1982 had a major influence on literature. But not all changes were positive.

Besides the direct impact on the culture of the crisis, there is a long-playing the impact of the changes that it produces in the world economy. Changes in public attitudes and moods give life to one of the trends previously less visible and lead to the decline of others. "The impact of the crisis - it is always an emotional outburst, the rise of social focus, the revival of criticism," - said Ilya Budraytskis, head of educational and cultural policies IGSO. Long-term trends in culture depend on the impact of the economic turnaround.

"The cycle of 1973-1998 years was characterized by expansion of capital in the periphery, out of production in the old industrial countries, industrial stagnation and the rapid development of communication technologies", - says Basil Koltashov, director of the Center for Economic Research IGSO. As a result, developed areas such as cyberpunk, fantasy, degradation was marked by mass culture, combining the utmost commercial focus with the conservative forms. Changes in the economy encountered severe emotional protest. Distinctive cultural traits of past eras were mass pessimism and longing for mysticism and religion.

A new stage of economic development will be characterized by a breakthrough in industrial technologies priority of skilled labor and cultural integration of the acceleration of the planet. Acting tough restrictions on the movement of labor to a large extent will be removed. New long stage will be marked increase in social optimism, the abandonment of neo-liberal policies deliberate lowering of public education.

Economic development will head inland, not breadth.

"The economic changes will be on the forefront of the art of human intelligence, not his physical strength or mechanical skills, a thirst for social change and the cult of progress. New aesthetic principles will be more international and socially accented, - says Igor Gerasimov, director of the Center of scientific and technical Research IGSO. - Hegemony fantasy replaces the revival of science fiction. "

Radical changes will occur in the music, which will open fresh lines, reflecting the progress of technology, RIA PrimaMedia.

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