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Amazing Facts - August 17

August 17 2008

August 17, 1896 in the UK was committed first automobile collision with fatal - his victim was a resident of the town of Croydon, Surrey, - Mrs Bridget Ddiskoll.

August 17, 1903 was established the famous Pulitzer Prize. He founded the award-known American editor and publisher Joseph Pulitzer. Prize for journalism, literature and music, he bequeathed to assign Columbia University. Every year, these prizes awarded to eight pieces.

August 17, 1933 was launched the very first Soviet missiles in semi-liquid fuel. "GIRD-P1 'had in their tanks, liquid oxygen and thickened gasoline. Missile designed with 1931. The very first Soviet liquid-fuel rocket (GIRD-X) was launched on Nov. 25, 1933.

August 17, 1955 occurred one of the most extraordinary defeats in sports history. His legendary series of victories broke stallion "Kamarero", which was April 19, 1953 has participated in 56 races in Puerto Rico, and always came first. The horse became a living legend - a thousand people came to the racetrack, just to see him. Bookmakers on a rampage.

17 August 1977 the Soviet nuclear icebreaker Arktika was the first surface ships reached the North Pole of the Earth - was filled with age-old dream of sailors and scholars. Pervenets civil Atomflot icebreaker "Lenin" has demonstrated reliability and safety of the ship's nuclear power industry. In the second stage of development of Russia's nuclear icebreaker fleet came into operation icebreaker "Arktika".

The rise of the National Flag on the Arctic was held April 25, 1975. August 9, 1977 after a charge of reactors and careful preparation went icebreaker in Murmansk and headed to the northern tip of Novaya Zemlya. The expedition included scientists and researchers of various specialties. Passing Vilkitski Strait, "Arctic" in the Laptev Sea, 130 th meridian turned north. August 15 85њ icebreaker crossed the north and entered the polar region. 7 days 8:00 icebreaker crossed 2,528 miles.

August 17, at 4 o'clock in the morning, an icebreaker, breaking the powerful ice of the Central Arctic basin, first in the world has achieved in active swimming geographical poles. Cruise stunned the world by becoming Yuri Gagarin into space. The crew and expedition members solemnly raised the national flag of the Soviet Union on a ten steel mast. During the 15 hours that icebreaker spent on the top of the Earth, scientists have completed a complex research and observations. Before leaving the sailors lowered the pole into the waters of the Arctic Ocean a commemorative metal plate with the State Emblem of the USSR.

First conqueror of the North Pole - icebreaker - was awarded the Order of the October Revolution. The entire crew - awards and medals, and Captain Yuri Kuchiev, chief mechanical engineer Oleg Pashnin, senior master DLC Fidus Askhadullin became Heroes of Socialist Labor. High rank was awarded, and the expedition leader - Minister of the Soviet navy, TB Guzhenko.

This icebreaker amazing fate - he was more than a million miles from the date of commissioning, which is almost five times the distance from Earth to the Moon. In 1983 the crew of the Arctic convoys delivered, hopelessly stuck in the ice. Submarine belongs to another unique world record: from May 1999 to May 2000 he worked for a year without calling in the ports. Sailors demonstrated high reliability of the vessel at the 25 th year of operation.

Release prepared by Max K * - based on encyclopedias and other public sources.

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