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Amazing Facts - April 12

April 12 2008

April 12, 1934 on Mount Washington in New Hampshire, USA, was a record wind speed at the surface - 371 km / h. The record as indicators of wind speed on the plains were marked by March 8, 1972 at Air Force Base in Thule , Greenland. Then the wind reached a speed of 333 km / h.

April 12, 1961 hosted the first in the history of human space flight. Soviet spaceship "Vostok" rendered into orbit cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Making one revolution around the planet lander landed first visited space man on Earth.

In addition, Gagarin were still contenders for the first flight into space - twenty people. They were not the best pilots of the country, applicants selected the king himself was important, height, weight and health. The rocket, which was to fly, was designed to send a nuclear warhead to the United States. Togo, who will fly into space, defined at the last moment - they were Gagarin and Gherman Titov in Romania. Was prepared three reports on Tass Gagarin's flight into space. The first - "Successful", the second in case it falls on the territory of another country or in the oceans - "Appeal to the Governments of other countries, asking assistance in locating, and the third -" tragic "if the Gagarin would not return alive.

Launch of the "Vostok" was produced at 09:07 on Apr. 12, 1961 Moscow time from the Baikonur cosmodrome. After completing one revolution around the Earth in 10:55:34 at 108 minutes, the ship completed a scheduled flight (one second earlier than planned). Gagarin was the call sign "Cedar".

Due to a failure in the braking system lander with Gagarin landed not in the planned area of 110 km from Stalingrad, and in the Saratov region, near the Engels. At 10:48 the radar in the nearby military airport spotted unrecognized target - it was the lander - and later, up to 7 km to the land in accordance with the flight plan Gagarin ejected, and the goals came on the radar two.

The first people who met astronaut after the flight, turned out to be a forester's wife Anna Akimovna Takhtarova and her six year old granddaughter, Rita. Soon, the scene came from a nearby military parts. From its location on the phone Gagarin Having reported the division commander defense: "Please convey to Air Force Commander: the task carried out, landed in a given area, I feel good, bruises and damage there. Gagarin. Now, in honor of the first manned flight into space on April 12 the Day of Astronautics.

Exactly 20 years after Gagarin's flight, April 12, 1981 in space launched an American space shuttle Columbia. "It was the first manned flight program, the Space Shuttle.

This Space Shuttle launched into space using rockets, performs maneuvers in orbit like a spacecraft and returned to Earth like an airplane. "Shuttle" - translated as "hook", because means that such ships will warp as shuttles between the orbit and the Earth, delivering payloads in both directions.

In the development provided that each of the shuttle was supposed to start at 100 times the space, but in practice they are used much less. To date, most of all flights - thirty-three, made the shuttle "Discovery".

It is noteworthy that the program "Spacey shuttle, as well as the response program" Energy-Buran "were initially targeted for military use. Both space shuttles have constructive opportunities for the nuclear bombing of the Earth's orbit.

Now in operation there are three space shuttle - Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour. Pee NASA announced that the end of the operation of the shuttle in 2010.

April 2, 1988 Patent and Trademark Office has issued the first in the history of a patent for an animal, enhanced by genetic engineering. The laboratory mouse has been patented as an object for research, with its DNA with metol gene transfer has been modified forcing alive bodies to synthesize proteins needed to scientists. Subsequently, the firm has launched a patent holder "production" (growing) of these mice to sell to research labs.

Release prepared by Max K * - based on encyclopedias and other public sources.

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