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Amazing Facts - April 8

April 8 2008

According to legend, 8 April 563 BC. er. was born an Indian prince Siddhartha Gautama, who was named after the reincarnation Buddha ("Enlightened One") and became the founder of a new world religion. Gautama was born in Lumbini in the May full moon - now his birthday is widely celebrated in Buddhist countries as Vesak. Gautam's father was king Kapilavatthu in Magadha, and Gautama was born a prince who was destined to a life of luxury.

Once, at the age of 13 years, Gautama left outside the palace and there he saw "four sights": an old cripple, sick man, a decaying corpse and a hermit. Then Gautama realized the harshness of life - that death, illness, aging and torment is inevitable that the poor than the rich, and that even the pleasure of the rich will eventually turn to dust. According to legend, it spodvigli Gautam at age 29 to leave his home, family and possessions to become a monk. Dressed in the clothes of the wanderer, he went to the south-eastern India.

Living life a hermit and exposing themselves to self-torture, he, after 6 years found that the severe ascetic practices did not lead to greater understanding, but simply obscure the mind and body exhausts. By focusing on meditation, sat under a fig tree and vowed not to rise until it finds the truth. At the age of 35 years, in the May full moon, he reached "enlightenment". After that him and became known as Gautama Buddha, or simply "The Buddha".

The Buddha always emphasized that he is not God. He - just to mentor those beings who have decided to go all the way to achieve enlightenment, and to know the truth and reality as it is. During the subsequent 45 years of his life he traveled through the valley of the Ganges River in central India, teaching his doctrine very different people from the aristocracy to rogue states, including supporters of rival philosophies and religions. His religion was open to all races and classes and had no caste structure. It was followed by thousands of converts.

At age 80 he decided to retire from the world. In the presence of his followers the Buddha once again made sure that his teachings be understood and preserved, and died in the May full moon. Gautama Buddha was cremated in accordance with the ordinance for the Universal ruler, and his relics were divided into eight parts, and lie at the base of a specially erected stupas. Nowadays, Buddhism is one of the most popular world religions.

On this day in 1766 in the United States patented the world's first fire escape. With the construction of the first high-rise buildings, there is a need to rescue people in case of fire of the upper rooms.

The first ladder was slightly less than the height of 10 meters. The very first fire escape, set in Russia in 1892, was the height of 27 meters. Record the height of modern fire ladder was raised in 2000. Fireman lift car F88HLA, based on pyatiosnom chassis Mercedes-Benz Actros has a height of 88 meters.

Another record associated with the fire escape, was made in 1997, the north-Irish team Ognebortsy. 10 firefighters 24 hours of continuous rise of the stairs broke the 102.62 kilometers.

April 8 in the world marked International Roma Day. "Gypsies - is a collective name for about 80 ethnic groups, united by common origin and priznavaniem" Gypsy law. " Single self-designation of gypsies there, although the last time as such term is proposed Romanies, that is "romopodobnye.

According to recent linguistic and genetic research, the ancestors of the Roma came from India in the VI century - a group of about 1000 people. Supposedly, according to the custom of the time they were presented as one of the court musicians of Indian rulers of the Persian ruler.By some estimates, about 400 years they spent in Persia, before gradually began to disperse around the world, to the east, back to India and Central Asia, and west to Palestine, and through her to Egypt, and through Armenia to the Byzantine Empire.

Roma speak the Roma language group Indo-Aryan Indo-European family, splits into a number of dialects, and usually also speak languages of the peoples, among whom are sedentary or migrate. In Russia, according to the 2002 census, there were about 183 thousand Roma, according to the same Roma activists - to a million.

It was April 8, 1971 near London hosted the first World Congress of Roma. An important outcome of the congress was the recognition of a world united Roma non-territorial nation and adoption of national symbols: the flag and anthem, based on the folk song "Gela, Jele. Instead, the emblem Gypsies use a number of recognizable symbols: wheel tent, a horseshoe, a deck of cards. These symbols are usually decorated tsyganfskie books, newspapers, magazines and websites, one of these characters are usually included in the logos of events dedicated to the Roma culture. It was after the First World Romani Congress on April 8 is the "Day of Roma."

Release prepared by Max K * - based on encyclopedias and other public sources.

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